SALTA & JUJUY ARGENTINA for family of four from NYC

March 2014


Both Yacco and Hassan were great, we all laughed constantly. The experience of the country was really deepened by Yaco's stories, it would not have been as much fun without him. We really liked the Inca Museum in Salta, and the cooking class at Piatelli, and the hike in the high altitude valley near Cachi, in particular. Also, I was very impressed by the wine- Wow, they have such great potential, when it comes to fabulous and affordable wines. Unfortunately, we can't obtain some of our favorites, like the Etchart (Arnold B) wines, Yacochuya and Humanao wines. We should be able to get at least some of the Domingo Molina and Colome wines via distributor. I am interested to see what Piattelli has to offer over the next decade, as their own vines mature. As it is now, they had a very good malbec rose, cabernet blend, and Torrontes, obtained from other growers.

The messed up Argentine government needs to get out of the way of small business and allow them to export--but that is not a uniquely Argentinian problem, I know. Anyway, we had a really great time! The girls had a great time, too--we all liked the highlights that I mentioned, and it was so enjoyable for us to be together as a family without having to worry about the details of how to get around, where to go, what to eat (or not eat), etc. The girls loved the food, they ate llama, rabbit, the local trout, pumpkin stew, and lots of empanadas, plus, of course, lots of beef. But the alfajores ( were the biggest hit, and they returned with several boxes.

Seeing the underground tango clubs in BA was a unique experience, also--they take their tango verrry seriously.

I like your input on the wines, will try to see if Yacochuya is available--we did not get to see the winery, so I will check online.

We will consider an Italian trip next time.

Caitlin Papastamelos
Egg Harbor City

A wine importer and family friends come to Argentina and Chile for serious wine exploration

MARCH 2014

Our group had an amazing experience in South America, with exclusive visits to top wineries and beautiful tasting lunches every day. Our local guides did a great job, and all our hotel and dinner reservations were attended to with great care. It was truly an experience we could never have had if we had not worked with Robertson wine tours.

Thank you so much. We hope to do it again in Italy someday.


Hanover. New Hampshire / USA

5 days premium wine touring in Chile after spending 14 days on a cruise around the southern cone.

February 2014

Tim and Cristian: Our wine tour was excellent. It absolutely exceeded our expectations. Manuel was a wonderful guide - experienced, knowledgeable, flexible and just nice to be with. Thank you for putting together a great itinerary.  

Phil and Dell Walton.
Toronto/ Canada.

Argentine luxury tour that American couple wanted more than just wine and food.

February 2014

When my husband and I decided that we wanted to take a trip to Argentina, a friend recommended Robertson Wine Tours. We could not be more pleased with the trip that Tim and his team planned for us. We travelled to Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Everything about the trip was well planned and well executed. The guides were excellent - very professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and reliable. The hotel accommodations met all of our needs and were beautiful. And the wine tours were perfect. We will happily use Tim's services again on our next trip to South America!


Pam and Bruce Johnson
Bethesda, MD USA

Piedmont. 3 ladies travel to see the best of Piedmont in every way.

March 2017

At the end of a long trying day in the office, a stroll through my local wine shop here in non-descript american town USA, I scream out in joy spotting on the shelf a bottle of Forteto de Luja's 2009 La Grive… the sales clerk looks up at me in … I guess fear - "I've been here!" I yell. I've been here! I start to tell her all about Marco, his farm, his designation from the world wildlife federation because of the orchids and the truffles and the butterflies and the….. she thinks i'm crazy….

But here again, I know I am so overdue in sending my testimonial and note of sincere thanks & gratitude to Robertson Wine Tours for the best - vacation, experience, week - of my life to date.

I spent 10 days last October traveling in the Piedmont region of Italy under an itinerary designed for my party by RWT. I was skeptical at first, as I'd never done such a thing… was our trip too scheduled? Would there be enough down time? What if there was something specific I wanted to do that wasn't planned for - would i be able to do it? Would it be too much wine?? (While in principle I don't believe there is such a thing as too much wine - I recognize i'm not a wine connoisseur and a tour like this might be above my wine sophistication - particularly with the focus in Piedmont where a more sophisticated palate may be necessary to truly appreciate the rich and complex varietals….)

But the time spent by Tim & his team getting to know us, understand our interests and wishes in a vacation proved invaluable to give us exactly the perfect mix of what we were looking for - history, culture, sightseeing, food, food, food, wine, wine, wine, wine and wine.

For the sophisticated wine connoisseur undoubtedly the expertise, as well as the connections with the vineyards, that we witnessed from Tim and his colleagues in Italy delivered a wine experience second to none. From the selection of vineyards to the quality of interactions with Tim & team & the winemakers- the trip was fit for the most expert among us and allowed access to experiences we would not have had were we traveling on our own. My step mother spends parts of her year in the Napa Valley and has a comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge of wine - she was looking to see, taste and purchase new and interesting things and the trip far exceeded her expectations with the interesting variety of wineries we visited - each unique from each other and from experiences you'd find elsewhere.

But what I was most impressed by is that somehow the tour met the needs of everyone in my party from my step mom the expert, to me - an avid wine enjoyer and lover of all things Italy (but who'd never spent time in the Piedmont region and doesn't know a ton about wine), seeking to learn and understand more about it all. To my younger cousin, who grew up in a small town and had never left the states. For her first trip abroad to be on a tour of this nature rather than your more commonly traveled Rome, Venice, Florence etc. was somewhat of a risk to take. From our first night meeting Tim he - and his team - somehow were able to connect with each of us, and make us each feel like we were experiencing a tour molded to our own needs and own perspective. Tim and his colleague - a wine expert in Piedmont who literally wrote the book on Piedmont wines - were neither condescending and dismissive to those of us who were less knowledgeable in wine, nor did they dumb-down our tour to solve to the lowest common denominator. They treated us all as if we had the same expertise and worth in the journey and through this we were all able to get the most out of the experience. The wineries we visited, mostly small and family owned - were each gems in their own right and after days of wine tasting still stand out separate and unique from each other rather than the blur i often have when recalling a trip to Napa.

And finally, the non-wine attributes of the trip - the cooking classes, city tours, exquisite restaurants we never would have found on our own - were clearly planned with care and attention specific to our own unique needs and not routine accommodations made for all visitors to the region…. this was a truly remarkable experience in which I was made to feel like dear friends who knew me well had designed a dream vacation specific to my interests where i drank the best possible drink, ate the best possible food, met and engaged with fantastic, warm, engaging locals and learned history and toured towns with remarkable guides (matteo in Torino; elena around the lakes), who let me in to pieces of italian history and culture that i would not have otherwise seen.

Contrary to my initial reservations about being scheduled and having too much wine- I left for home feeling as if I had seen and done everything - our days were packed with experiences - but also rested, relaxed and happy at the same time. I wanted many more days of wine and of course that piemontese food. We simply couldn't have done this on our own. Would hire Tim & team to take me anywhere in the world, on a trip of their design.

Katie Visas
Atlanta USA

5 star tour of Chile, Mendoza and Buenos Aires, the most exclusive accommodations in Latin America

March 2014

Hi Tim Thank you for organising our trip for us. All in all, the holiday was fantastic, every need was met, the vineyards were fantastic as was PlayaVIK. You guys did an amazing job with the accommodation and the transfers. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Chile . what an amazing part of South America. Lapostolle - sunning and beautiful, the private tour was great, the facility they have there to produce wine is out of this world . The entrance to this was very James Bond with a levitating glass lid as the entrance -very cool! Food was amazing as were the wine pairings with each course for lunch and dinner. The amount of time spent here was just right, lots to do. Hilary went cycling around the vineyard each morning, the pool was stunning and the rooms huge with lots of outside space Vina VIK - Again a very warm welcome The size of the vineyard is huge. I went horse riding twice on 2 different days, Hilary came with me on the second day and he was also taken out on the bikes round the vineyard too. Argentina. Home hotel in Buenos Aires we do like this hotel for some reason , Hotel staff were great as usual, getting taxis, booking restaurants. Uruguay - Playa VIK OMG WOW!!! This place is out of this world, pool was stunning,James Bond style windows and door, and crazy arty furniture. The staff here were amazing as well. Couldn't do enough for you. Breakfast was great. thank god they did more than VIKs red, lots of wines to choose from. We went to the 3 (the only 3, local restaurants in town for a mixture of lunches and dinners - fantastic food and local( even better!!) We spent our time here relaxing, reading, walking on the beach. I really want to come back here again. I loved this place. So the last 2 days we did have a storm come through, but the night before it hit you could see it coming across the sea - which was a fantastic natural show. Facilities here are good too and we were invited to go visit the other VIK hotel in the area for a BBQ. All in all an amazing holiday. Really enjoyed it. Just need to shift the 6kgs I put on whilst I was there lol  

Mark Woodcock
London. UK

Piedmont. 5 wine lovers from London come for a deep understanding of ‘Nebbiolo’

May 2018

Just back into the office and not too chuffed about that, but thats another story. Me and the boys just want to thank you for brilliant tour in Barolo and Barbaresco.  Just the right pace of wineries, all in depth visits where we learnt alot and not just about the wine, We understand a lot more now about the zone, the politics of wine, the old and new fashions in winemaking style. All in all you listened to what we wanted and delivered. Stand out meal without a shadow was La Ciau del Tornavento. Truly world class dining and the cellar, well you know. Thanks for everything and give us a year or two and we will look at Sicily with you, until then. Seb

Sebastian Gawkins and friends
London UK

Tokyo based Banker takes his gardening leave in Argentina and Chile

July 2013


Superb! All I can think of are superlatives to use to describe my Robertson Wine Tour experience in Argentina/Chile. Thank you so much! The tour was organised with military-level precision and nothing was left to chance. The tour guides you arranged for me were top class with not only excellent knowledge of the local wines and wineries but also the cultures and people which made for some fascinating conversations and discoveries. The restaurants you selected really opened my eyes to just how delicious and fresh the food in South America is and the wineries you picked for me shocked me with just how superb wine from Argentina/Chile can be and how little of the good stuff gets out!! I cannot recommend you highly enough and will definitely be using you again - next Italy! Best regards,

Carl Margetts
Tokyo Japan

Single male Passenger gets passionate about wine in Mendoza

February 2014


The Tour was great—better than expected. You may use whatever I've said about my Mendoza wine tour Park Hyatt was good. Leticia was fantastic—10.5 on a scale of 1-10! Don't lose her! Best wine: Achaval Ferrer—I ordered some, Most enthusiastic & interesting: Mendel. All lunches excellent—best, a toss up between Domino del Plata & Melipal. Forgot to mention that your cars & drivers were excellent.

Thanks for a great adventure in Mendoza.  

John E Murray
Foxboro MA / USA

Italian Wine touring with plenty of running activities

August 2014

  Italian Wine touring with plenty of running activities Italian Wine touring with plenty of running activities Tim, Cris,

Thank you for a wonderful Italy experience! We can't say enough good things about the people, wine, food and sights. It was very nice to meet you both. We truly enjoyed wine tasting, at your home. Kyle is perusing the internet, in hope to buy some of the wines! Consider us references. We had a great time.

We are slowly settling back into routines (with kids)! Best regards,

Winnie & Kyle Fukuda.
Granite Bay, CA. USA

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