Basilicata and Puglia Food and Wine Experience. 10th Wedding Anniversary.

July 2017

Tim and Cristian, We made it back safe and sound to our three lovely little girls. They were all so excited to see us that it made leaving Italy much easier to bear. Shelley and I had the greatest trip we could have imagined. Your planning and attention to detail simply astounded us. I can honestly say that the trip was nothing short of perfect. It is so hard to pick any particular day that was the standout as every day was so different and so wonderful. We truly appreciate all of your efforts in planning the trip and making it come together so wonderfully. Looking back on our trip and thinking of all of the arrangements you made I decided that you two aren't at all in the travel business. I wouldn't categorize either of you as travel agents or vacation planners. I think that the clearest way to describe what you do is that you are in the business of making memories. You've created beautiful and magical memories that will last our lifetime. We absolutely loved so many things that we did on our trip and will be able to look back on them with a gracious smile. Thank you for sharing your home, your stories and your friendship. We had so much fun drinking wine and eating dinner with both of you. I’m very glad we were able to make such great friends in such a short time. We wish you both years of health, wealth and happiness. Thank you.

John and Shelly Mossman
Vinton Iowa USA

Governors Club Wine Society – Experts Tour of Chile and Argentina

Dec / 2013

Our Wine Society travel group would like to thank Tim Robertson and Robertson Wine Tours for providing an exceptional experience in Chile and Argentina. We were all very impressed with the selection of wineries and wines, especially the variety in the different kinds of wineries. Being able to meet many of the winemakers was very interesting and most informative. Needless to say we learned a great deal. This was a well-traveled group who have been to many wineries around the world and yet there were new and innovative methods introduced to us. One highlight in Chile was Antiyal Winery with their dedication to biodynamic methods as well as their use of the egg-shaped concrete fermentation tanks. Everyone was charmed by Maria Luz Marin at Casa Marin Winery. She visited with us the entire morning describing her excellent wines as we tasted them and answering our questions as she told us about her acquisition of her vineyards and her dedication to producing fine wines. The dinner and wines served the night with the MOVI group was very interesting. We met several of the small independent producers from this group and were impressed with their dedication as well. In Mendoza, we had an equally interesting variety of wineries and experiences. The view of the Andes from the vineyards was spectacular as well. We are all familiar with the Paul Hobbs collection of wines and we definitely learned a great deal about Malbec at Cobos Winery where he is a part owner. The Wine Maker competition at Norton Winery definitely brought out the competitive spirits as we were divided into two groups each to blend its own wine to be judged with prizes to the makers of the winning blend. There was not a winery on the entire trip that we would have wanted to miss.

RWT’s choices were perfect for our group as were the hotels and the restaurants in Santiago and Mendoza. On our first night in Santiago, the dinner a Puerto Fuy was exceptional. The restaurant was newly renovated and had not opened to the public yet. They served us a wonderful 6 course dinner and had set all the other tables in the restaurant although they were only open for us. The lunch at Casa del Bosque Winery with its beautiful setting was very enjoyable as well. In Mendoza, the dinner our first night there at 1884 was also a wonderful experience. Lunch at Melipal Winery was another great meal in a beautiful setting as was Cavas Wine Lodge Restaurant. Everyone said they would love to go back to stay at the Lodge. Our final dinner at Nadis OF Restaurant capped off a wonderful trip, greatly enjoyed by all. We must also thank you for providing excellent tour guides as well as providing us with expert wine guides, especially Lucile and Leticia in Mendoza. And we really appreciate all that Cristian did for us – above and beyond. Those of us who were on the extension to Iguazu Falls want to thank RWT for another amazing experience.

Tim and Robertson Wine Tours were wonderful to work with and they provided an exceptional experience. Their attention to detail could not have been better and was much appreciated. We hope to be able to tour with you again in the future.

Governors Club Wine Society
Carol Smithwick President, Chapel Hill.

Emilie and Micah Delo

December 2013

Total Relaxation. We traveled to Buenos Aires and Mendoza for our Honeymoon and everything was managed 100% by Robertson Wine Tours leaving us to relax and enjoy our time together. I never opened a door to a car or lifted a bag myself! Tim was very giving of his time to discuss and carefully recommended hotels and experiences that he felt would help us to most enjoy our experience and he was right on point. Each hotel was a different and wonderful experience. Recognizing the occasion, they each provided special upgrades or surprises to make our honeymoon even more special. The wine was great and the food even better. We look forward to traveling to Italy next to experience what Robertson Wine Tours has to offer there as well!

Pittsburgh PA USA

Piedmont. Outstanding wine and Gourmet Tour including Rome.

Dec 2016

Let me start out with a disclaimer – myself and my travel partners are not wine or culinary experts so this review is intended for anyone who simply love wine, food and travel. Do we drink a lot of wine from around the world? Do we love all food, be it a Pizzeria down the road or the French Laundry? Do we love travel, the experience of local culture and people? Yes to all. So given these stated interests why did we choose Robertson Wine Tours (RWT) when there is simply a world wide web of choices? Well frankly we did not know anything about RWT’s and discovered them on a web search as we started to piece together plans for a trip. My wife and I along with friends (3 couples) travel on annual wine tours but we had no experience in Northern Italy specifically the Piedmont region. We wanted to know the area and of course the wine and food but did not feel organizing a trip with limited knowledge of the area would be fruitful. We determined that bringing in a travel company was the only option but we had one issue that was a showstopper – we don’t like crowds, large groups and the standard tourist experience. We simply love the experience of travelling together and wanted to ensure this was not compromised. Many of the travel companies we looked at where immediately out of the running, as they did not suite our preferences. We did find a few who dealt with personalized travel plans and to the destination that we wanted so the vetting began. Through all the companies we looked at RWT’s was the most promising as they outlined a business philosophy very close being exactly what we wanted – personalised travel plans with focus on local expertise and a balance of local culture thrown in. Basically they claimed to know the region intimately and that they where wine experts and of course knew how to pair that experience with local dining. My friends and I had a healthy scepticism about promises made as we have been had some poor experiences in the past. So often in the travel business when you hand over your cash, the service falls apart from that point. I know, sounds a little negative but it is a reality. In this case RWT’s delivered on everything they said they would deliver. No hype with these guys, they deliver and they do know their business.The trip we had them organize included our initial stop in Turin with a local guide Matteo Gazzarata. Call out to Matteo who was the most pleasant person and with a massive knowledge to the area and its history. His quite, professional demeanour was balanced by his willingness to engage in any topic, as he was not on script. Ask anything and he was right there with the answers. What an engaging person, we all very much appreciate his involvement. This part of the trip was primarily to gain familiarity with the area and its culture. A big call out to one dinner experience at Ristorante L’Birichin in Turin. Nicola Batavia, the Chef and proprietor took care of us personally right down to the choice of wine. What an experience, this man is a master chef and a real gentlemen as well. Another call out to Enoteca Parlapa in Turin - great local experience, a lot of fun. Next we moved to the areas of Roero, Barbaresco, Barolo, and Tortonesi & Monferrato. This was now a move into the hard-core wine experience for our group. We have always tasted great wines from this area but have never developed a great sense of the area and its geography. Some wine areas in the world are pretty easy to develop an intimate understanding of the geography and wine; Napa, Burgundy, Tuscany has always been pretty easy to encapsulate but Piemonte has always been illusive, (keep in mind our disclaimer). This part of the trip matched us with a new guide, Paul Balke, basically a renaissance man, Journalist, Author, Barolo Specialist and to our surprise and pleasure a concert pianist. We found ourselves so fortunate to have Paul with us as his knowledge and experience was remarkable. Paul was not only brilliant when it came to understanding the region but he knew everyone, the producers, the local restaurateurs and there was a incredible mutual respect between them all. We could not imagine a better guide. Paul is a quite gentleman but wow did he have our backs so to speak. He was so well prepared with insights into the area and winemakers that we never would have gained via travel by ourselves. Paul organized so many great vineyard tours and dinning experiences for us that I would like to list them all but this is not the venue for such a long list. We started out with a fabulous local vineyard, Bruno Rocco Winery in the Roero region. Over the next few days we visited some of the most honoured and or favoured wineries in the regions of Barbaresco, Barolo & Monferrato. However one area and winery in particular stood out, Walter Massa Winery in the Tortonesi region. Firstly who has ever heard of the Tortonesi region. Wow was this an experience. Walter Massa was brilliant, enchanting and totally in his own zone. We had the feeling we were in the presence of the future of wine in Italy. A remarkable innovator and artist and his wines spoke volumes. If we had one experience that left an indelible impression that was it. One other aspect that generally would go unnoticed was out Driver. RWT’s arranged a private driver to get ours around from morning to night. This young man was not only a very good driver but he was polite and always had a smile for the team despite some early mornings and late nights. Other travel companies take notice, pay attention to details like this as it does make a difference. All in all we loved the trip and RWT’s delivered everything as promised and more. Tim Robertson calls out his company’s attention to detail and this was evident on the whole trip. The choice of guides, the selection of visits and right down to the detailed attention to the dietary needs of our group, they did not drop the ball. Would we recommend RWT – absolutely! We are already thinking about organizing a Tuscany flavored trip with RWT’s as well.

Mike O’Dell Wine, Food and Travel Enthusiast
Alberta Canada

TESTIMONIAL – PIEDMONT Wine touring: Turin Langhe, Roero, Monferrato and the Northern Lakes

October 2013

I was in an Italian restaurant here at home the other night, and as I picked up the wine list I KNEW that I could knowledgeably make a selection -- at least from the Piedmont wines on the list! Thank you Tim Robertson for teaching me so much about Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera wines! I highly recommend arranging a tour through Robertson Wine Tours Tours. In the fall of 2013 three of us enjoyed a ten day custom tour with Tim and his local wine expert, Paul Balke, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Although two of us speak halting Italian, none had ever been to Piedmont. We chose Robertson because we did not want a large "tour;" we wanted a specialized itinerary. We wanted to do wine tasting, have cooking classes and also explore some of the beauty of Piedmont. Tim helped us arrange for all these things. First, the wines. We focussed on the Langhe region, and with Paul's assistance, were able to visit many small wineries that we would never have been able to see on our own. Between Paul, Tim and the hosts at the wineries, we were in good hands and gained extensive knowledge about local winemaking. From small, family owned wineries where our guides were the owners themselves, to larger well-established vintners, we got a broad range of wine experiences. Second, the cooking classes Robertson arranged for us were a lot more fun than we had expected, and were taught by well-known, experienced working chefs. The focus of course was food from the region and we learned not just how to cook these dishes, but about the history and origins of the food in Piedmont and in other regions of Italy. On Lake Orta, Robertson arranged for a charming local guide for us, who was very flexible about what we wanted to see and do. We said good-bye to Tim when we arrived there, but had a lovely last two days with our new guide. Through it all, Robertson made the planning easy by reserving for us the best hotels, and guiding us toward the best restaurants. Robertson provides the personal touch that big tour operators simply can't do. I highly recommend designing a tour in Italy with Tim, especially if learning something about wine and food is also on the agenda!!

Kathryn Vizas
San Francisco. CA USA

Piedmont wine touring. Getting to grips with Nebbiolo in all its forms

November 2018

Hey Tim I was meaning to write earlier but you piped me to the post. Yes I did get back safe and sound. The tour was great, absolutely perfect and what I wanted. Sandro did a excellent job of educating me and my palate. Both you and him picked some great wineries. It is a pretty amazing place with some real genuine producers. I had such a good trip you'll probably see me next year or I imagine a few of my teammates would be interested. Thanks again Tim for everything and say Hi to Sandro from me. Do I speak to you or him about sending wine to me here?


Jay Jaspers

4 nights staying between Florence and Siena, taking in Montalcino and Chaintis wine regions

September 2013

"We have to say Superb job Tim, Tuscan wines and great company with Robertson Wine Tours. You provided an excellent choices of vineyards and overview in Montalcino, Bolgheri and Chianti. We are pleased to be home none the less and thank you once again. Lets think Sicily in a couple of years, you have piqued our interest with Sicilian wine tasting we made together. Best of luck and stay in touch.

Richard Bough
Cambridge UK

Slovenia Winemakers tour of South America, Argentina, Salta and Jujuy with Uruguay

June 2013

Dear Tim & Cristian. Thank you for organizing the wine tour for the 19 members of the Slovenian Club KLP (of Wine Enthusiasts of Sparkling Wine 2013) in Argentina and Uruguay. Great choice of wineries, restaurants, hotels and local guides. Clients were impressed by the quality of wine in the wineries visited. Travel to Hacienda de Molinos and Colomé Winery was not easy but great journey and with the good weather we had to top it with good food and wine experience. I must say that all clients liked Salta a lot. I am sure that the local guide Yaco added a lot to the pleasant experience. Uruguay was also very interesting regarding such a different climate and their wine cannot be compared with high altitude wines of Argentina. Good and interesting Tannat. I hope that we will have the chance soon to organize another tour like this. Best Regards.

Borut Sraj and the Wine Enthusiasts and makers of Slovenia
Ljubljana Slovenia

Outstanding tour of Peru, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco and Lima

June 2013

"Don't make a travel decision without RWT, my second trip with them in six months to Peru, is proof positive of their excellence".

Prue La Rocca
Greenwich CT USA

Superb Wine and Cooking experience in Puglia and Matera, Basilicata.

May 2013

Serendipitously I stumbled upon Roberson Wine Tours -- had never heard of you, but after a few emails back and forth, it felt so right to jump in and chance celebrating one of the big milestones of my life and travel to Puglia with you. You say 'discerning' and its true -- impeccable, yet warm and intimate -- an experience where every detail was thought through and seamlessly taken care of. To be spoiled by someone who, in a short time, understands what are the sweet spots for you is an impeccable skill. Tim, you spoiled me in so many ways. The special touches whether it was greeting me at the airport; checking in on me throughout the week to see how I was doing, and helping me celebrate my birthday with roses and the beautiful cake -- you so warmed my heart. And of course, my stay in the Trulli -- after all, not everyone gets to sleep in one! You've given me an experience and memories that far exceeded my expectations and, at a time of my life, when it was so needed. And with the perfect combination of wine, culinary and richness of great history came new friendships; a new appreciation of wine and the longing for my next trip -- Grazie mille il mio amico . . . Fino a Sicilia

Carolina Migliaccio
Chicago IL USA

8 nights. Puglia and Basilicata Food and Wine Experience tour.

April 2013.

It is difficult to describe our impressions of the Puglia and Basilicata Food and Wine Experience tour in only a couple of lines! First of all, we want you to know that the trip exceeded our expectations on many levels. The area of Southern Italy that we toured was captivating; the cities and the countryside were unique and fun to explore. We learned the culture of the area through it's food and wine-both excellent. We were treated like VIP's at our wine tastings and the olive oil tasting. While all the cities and hotels were beautiful, the city of Matera and our accommodations there were a highlight of the trip and we didn't want to leave! Thank you for planning such a unique experience and we would never hesitate to book a tour with Robertson Wine Tours again. We are looking forward to receiving the cooking lesson recipes and news of future tours.

Mike and Sandy Ruesewald
Minnesota MN USA

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