Buenos Aires
The capital and biggest city of Argentina, and the second-largest in South America after São Paulo. Population of around thirteen million.

 It is hard to say what is so special about this city, many find themselves returning time after time and some like ourselves, find it impossible to leave.

Pulsating with vitality and seductive charm from colorful European architecture to animated neighbourhoods, sensational shopping, gourmet cuisine and sizzling nightlife

Buenos Aires enjoys a special energy and it grabs you. Shopping, cultural life and food are all world class. If you are an urbanite or not, do not miss this place its unique

B.A. as its inhabitants call it, has vast tree lined avenues and some wonderful architectural treasures, the Paris of the Americas

Buenos Aires gave birth to the captivating tango

Major worldwide investments have brought expertise and famous names to Uco

Uco Valley is just 70 KMS south, which is commonly referred to as the Tunuyan Region

Found 1.200 KMS (750 miles) west of Buenos Aires at the foot of the Andes. Mendoza is home to 70% of Argentina’s fine wine vineyards

The Perfect place to be based while we take you on your journey in wine. Also the surrounding areas offer a host of different touring opportunities

Mendoza is a popular tourist destination not only for its wine but also for its proximity to Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas

Beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures such as hiking, horse riding, river rafting and more

Salta and Jujuy
This mountainous region of the north in the Andean Foothills has truly spectacular scenery

Driving through the Calchaquies Valleys and the Humahuaca Canyon which are just a few unmissable highlights, Cachi and Purmamarca

Outstanding wines are coming from Cafayate and the surrounding areas

2.000 KMS to the south is producing some very interesting merlots and pinots amongst others

Now that the vines have had 15-20 years to adapt and mature, there are serious wines to try

Chocolate shops, Swiss-style architecture and picturesque setting of pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains

Commonly referred to as simply Bariloche, serves as a gateway to spectacular landscapes and outdoor adventures with Fishing being a major draw

Iguazu Falls.
One of the world’s most stunning natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is a series of magnificent waterfalls located on the Iguazu River

Iguazu Falls also it offers some of the best hostels, top-end hotels and spas in Argentina

El Calafate
is a booming tourist town thanks to the establishment of the nearby Los Glaciares National Park. Located in Argentina’s Santa Cruz Province

 El Calafate serves as a starting point for many tourist excursions of which the Perito Moreno Glacier is the most popular due to its spectacular display of cracking and thundering ice breaks

 Los Glaciares or Glaciers National Park is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders.

The national park features the largest ice cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica

The northern section features majestic mountains such as Mount Fitz Roy, offering hiking and mountain climbing

Ushuaia’s remote beauty is now what makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Argentina. Regarded as the world’s southernmost city

Ushuaia is located on the Beagle Channel, serving as a popular base for Antarctica cruises, winter sports and wildlife viewing

Popular base for Antarctica cruises, winter sports and wildlife viewing The Beagle Channel is a strait in the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago, in the extreme south of Argentina

A boat trip is the best way to view the Beagle Channel, with attractions such as the sea-lion colony at Isla de los Lobos, and Isla de Pájaros 

Ibera Wetlands
The Ibera Wetlands are the second-largest wetlands in world after the Pantanal in Brazil

Birds, caimans, capybaras, pampas deer, howler monkeys, maned wolves and armadillos can all be seen by visitors on foot, boat or horseback

A true paradise for nature lovers it has the richest fauna of all Argentina


How long do I need?

How long do you have would be the response. Wine wise. Mendoza is a 4 night minimum to do it justice. A few nights in Mendoza itself and a few nights in the vineyards. Then the question is where can I choose from all the other regions in Argentina and South America and thats something we can help with.

When to come and visit?

September through to April is best time.

The Wines of Argentina

Argentina is the 5th biggest producer of wine in the world. It is however a 85% domestic driven market, that as you imagine means Argentines are drinking a lot of wine.  This document Argentina Wineries goes into some more detail on the wines

Argentina – Wineries


The cuisine of Argentina is distinctive in South America because of its strong resemblance to Spanish, Italian, French and other European cuisines due to the  extensive immigration through many years, the country has benefited from these numerous food influences. while the cuisine of the Argentine Northwest has more elements of Andean cuisine.  Argentine cuisine is one of the world’s major food producers, a major producer of meat (especially beef), wheat, corn, milk, beans, and since the 1970s, soybeans for China. Given the country’s vast production of beef, red meat is an especially common part of the Argentine diet.  Argentine annual consumption per person of beef averages 70 kg (154 lbs) in 2012.

Argentina – Restaurants

Native Indians  (Quechua, Mapuche, and Guarani) who lived in Argentina before the European explorers arrived tended to hunt and grew squash, melons, and sweet potatoes.  The Spanish settlers arriving in late 1530’s introduced cattle and of course that has had a profound effect on the cuisine of Argentina.  The British and Welsh brought their tradition of teatime. In Buenos Aires one can find a very sophisticated restaurant culture, with foods from around the world and this really transferred too all but the very smallest provincial towns. You eat well in Argentina, that said eating out and fine dining is as expensive as elsewhere in the World.

Here are a few of the dishes you might expect

Grilled Provolone Cheese
Picada Argentina – Sampler Tray of Cured Meats and Cheeses
Asado – Grilled Feast
Tira de Asado – Grilled Beef Ribs
Grilled Tenderloin Steaks (Lomo Asado), Patagonian-Style
Locro – Navy Bean and Corn Soup
Argentinian Beef Stew – Carbonada Criolla
Milanesa – Breaded Fried Steak
Milanesa Napolitana – Argentinian Fried Steak, Italian-style
Costillas de Cerdo a la Riojana – Pork Rib Plate with Fried Eggs
Cumin Pork and Sweet Potato Guiso (Stew)
Chimichurri Sauce
Sorrentinos – Ravioli Pasta with Ham and Mozzarella Cheese
Fugazza – Argentinian-style Focaccia
Fugazzeta – Stuffed Argentinian-style Pizza
Dulce de Leche, caramalized milk and sugar used in many desserts
Alfajores, A cookie chocolate covered
Pasta Frola de Dulce de Membrillo
“Havanna” Alfajores – Alfajores Marplatenses
Patagonian Black Welsh Cake – Torta Negra Galesa
Sacramentos – Croissants with Quince PasteYerba Mate Tea
Merienda – South American-style Afternoon Tea
El Submarino – Argentinian Hot Chocolate
Chorípan – Chorizo Sandwich on French Bread
Sacrametos de Jamon y Queso – Ham and Cheese Croissants
Tortitas Negras – Brown Sugar Biscuits

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