Wine flavoured and gastro adventures designed to thrill throughout South America
If you need one reason why you should choose Robertson Wine Tours it would be this.

We Care

The very best of: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
We have delivered excellence with 17 years of experience.
Arriving in South America in late 2002 little did we know what an incredible journey was in front of us.
We understand exacting European and American standards.
We are travel designers with expertise in wine and food crafting beautiful immersions for our clients.


RWT opted for the luxury end of wine touring appealing to people who have or would like to improve their knowledge of wines and have the money to enjoy fantastic travel designed down to a T.
We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.

Eduardo Galeano


Exceptional food, wine and great company in world class settings.The guides we have been working with over the years have all proved themselves and are our ambassadors.

Robertson Wine Tours design once in a lifetime experiences with wines and foods you will never forget.
According to an old South American story, when God finished creating the earth, the angels in charge of shaping the land came to him and said: “We’ve got a lot of mountains, valleys, and rivers left over; what should we do with them?” God answered, “Dump them at the end of the earth.” And that, fortuitously for grape growers and winemakers, is how Chile and Argentina were created.
Evan Goldstein

South America wine production ranks Argentina as the biggest wine producer in South America, followed by Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia.
Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.

Charles Dickens

Many young offspring of established old World winemakers come to Argentina and Chile to make their own marks and revel in the level of independence and creativity; These young and dynamic wine makers can show themselves in their wines and this youthful spirit makes for some extremely exciting wines.

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