It is actually hard to say anything new and interesting about Venice that has not already been said. but lets try. The world has a love affair with Venice for so many valid reasons. Its one of mankind’s most remarkable cities.What is so extraordinary to us and so many others, is despite the amount of Daily Tours into Venice in seconds you can escape and find yourself by yourselves beautifully lost in one of the most romantic and mysterious places. To eat well in Venice bring your credit card and do not think about it, or keep it remarkable simple but do your homework, walking into a place in Venice without any pre knowledge is a disaster waiting to happen, thats where we come in of course. We have developed wonderful days out in wine and food and culture over tgeh whole territory. Home to the most expensive vineyards in Italy, Prosecco, which oddly enough is generally an inexpensive wine is nestled in the beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Asolo.  Colfondo is the traditional method to make Prosecco, with the second fermentation in the bottle is a very special wine that we would love to introduce you to.  This zone is also becoming a hotbed for smaller organic and biodynamic growers.  Apart from  wines, the beautiful Palladian villas, the compelling and unique town of Venice, the delightful city of Verona and the nearby gorgeous Lake Garda. Veneto has it all.


Wandering around Venice getting lost and found is the best part of it all
We have guides who can give you the insider tips and show you a Venice that few get to see
Make an early evening eating at the various Tapas bars and enjoy aperitifs like the Venetians
No trip to Venice would be complete without a relaxing gondola ride around the maze of waterways
Get lost in Venice – there is nothing as important than just wandering aimlessly through its streets and alleys
Go to see the Lace makers on Burano and the incredible glass museums shops and glass designers  on Murano Island
Take the Vaporettos, the Venetian l Public transport system. the number 1 takes you all around the city just get off when you fancy it
Enjoy St. Marks Square and while there Visit St. Mark’s Basilica – Torre dell’Orologio, and the Doges Palace, all exceptional attractions
Contemporary Art has never been served so well: Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the new Punta della Dogana
Gallerie dell’Accademia. Home of some of the finest Titian , Tintoretto, Canaletto  Tiepolo
Visit the Rialto bridge and the Market – An incredible assault of smells and colours.
Take a stroll around the beaches and residential zone of Venice’s Lido
The Jewish Ghetto,  and the Arsenal, the Shipbuilding zone
Campanile Venice’s tallest building

Outskirts of Venice: 

Vicenza and The beautiful town of Asolo for the Palladian Villas
Padua, the most delightful of towns a hour away from Venice. Also home to Giottos famous Scrovegni Chapel, one of a kind Frescos.
Veneto is the most productive wine zone of Italy, quiet a feat, we have it all here, Amarone, Soave, Valpolicella, Grapes such as Carmenere and Malbec will make you question everything
Treviso.  The epicentre of Prosecco and birthplace of Tiramisu, makes Treviso a perfect day in Wine and food
In Padua sits the incredible Le Calendre restaurant. 3 stars and more fun than you can imagine


How long do I need
Many of our clients may have been to Venice before. If you have not been before then think 3-4 nights.Venice as a base makes a lot of sense if you want to visit some of the other highlights we have mentioned that Veneto offers.

When to come
Venice can flood from October to February, its rare but when it comes its just not fun, November 2018 has shown high winds and high tides at the same time do not make a happy picture, this year has hit records for the wrong reasons. The rest of the year its pretty much open. August is phenomenally hot in Italy and Venice is worth avoiding when Europe takes its vacations.

The Wines of Veneto
Veneto although only the 8th largest region of Italy and produces more wine than any other region them, this is mainly due to the the regions winemakers being among the first in Italy to innovate, replant and invest. Bardolino, Soave and Prosecco wines are all well known and have a place amongst the best known wines of Italy but it is the grapes for  Valpolicella and Amarone Corvina, Rondinella and a little Molinara that can lift you of your feet. Soave, is the white tour de force of Veneto, generally its Garganega (think tangy apple aromas) and then some Trebbiano but you could find smaller quantities of Pinot Blanc and even Chardonnay, it depends what the winemaker is trying to achieve. When wood is well used these wines can be extraordinarily interesting with huge appeal. Close by you have Gambellara making similar wines yet less known and you will find Merlot, Malbec and even Bordeaux-Chile Carmenere.  Take a look a wines of Veneto page or a little more insight.


Cuisine and Main dishes

Veneto cooking has influences from around the world and its cuisine is hugely varied. Rice is more prevalent than pasta in authentic Veneto cuisine. Polenta/ ground corn tends to be served with the second course.  Radicchio is prized for its use in rice dishes, grilled as a vegetable, cooked into soups or eaten raw in salads. Beef carpaccio originated in Veneto. White asparagus is another treat and you will find that the Risotto is made from Rice (riso) Nano Vialone coming from Verona. Local cheeses include Asiago, Montasio and the delish Taleggio. Much of the Venetian diet is based on fresh seafood, think: Prawns, crabs, clams, mussels, scallops, octopus, razor clams, and many kinds of fresh and seawater fish.  As long as we steer you in the right direction you can expect to eat wonderfully here. While you are here you should try the Venetian tapas style of eating at Bàcari (winebars) delicious tapas style treats called cicchetti,   

Fresh sardines onions with pine nuts, raisins with in lemon vinegar

Spider crabs mashed olive oil, lemon juice and pepper served in the shell

Baccalà alla vicentina, salt cod, anchovies, Grana Padana, onions & milk

Black Risotto  is a creamy black rice dish made with cuttlefish ink, heavy and fantastic

Freshwater fish are numerous as well as Eels

Cured Pork,  Salamis known as soppressa and sausages

Pearà is a sauce made from grated bread, beef marrow and pepper

An unusual combination that really works is chicken or turkey cooked with pomegranate

Risotto alla sbirraglia. Braised veal, chicken & vegetable

Game is often served with Peverade, a spicy concoction of salame, anchovies, chicken livers, garlic, oil and vinegar

Pasticcio di polenta is wood pigeon, mushrooms layered with polenta
Pigeons and salt pork spit roasted and infused with a rosemary, juniper berries

Deep fried cream known as crema fritta.

Fregolatta are almond cookies and baicoli are sugar biscuits

Fany some sandy cake?The torta sabbiosa is a cake with a unique sandy texture

Tiramisù, you will never taste it the same in any restaurant everyone has their well kept secrets

At Christmas Pandora/ Golden Bread is a winner

Below see some of the tours that have touched Venice and what we tend to do while we are here.

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