Italy possesses many of the most interesting and important wine producing regions in the world. We started traveling to Italy over 30 years ago and our experiences have taught us that when it comes to wine, food, and locations of outstanding beauty, there is nowhere that comes even close to Italy.

Italy produces more wine then any other country and the regionality of its cuisine and wines makes for a fascinating touring experience. RWT initially chose five of the wine regions to immerse you in.  Basilicata, Piedmont, Puglia,Sicily and Tuscany. These regions offer things completely unique and enthralling to the wine aficionado, gourmand and those who are looking to combine these treats with culture and history.

We offer unparalleled access to Italian winemakers, chefs, cookery schools and the most experienced guides. Accommodations we can offer range from the most sumptuous palaces and castles to family owned, incredible agro tourism in rural and unspoilt countryside.

We will show you the entire spectrum of wines from many diverse growing regions, using extensive private tastings without having to travel to every region. One of our major goals is helping our clients get a better understanding of the many unique wines and regions of Italy. Our personal contacts in the wine business mean we have the trust and confidence of serious winemakers. Robertson Wine Tours offers escorted visits and tastings to many famous, little known, and soon to be recognized wineries.

With the love of wine invariably comes passion for food.

Many of our clients tend to combine a wine tour of Italy with opportunities to learn and enjoy the cuisine of each region. Dining on gourmet foods, visiting the local markets, culinary lessons with world-class chefs and even week long, in depth cooking schools. We are huge advocates of Slow Food and Eat Italy. The Robertson Wine Tours experience is about getting all the details right, correctly judging the pace of your tour, and to sum it up in one word: Perfection. Robertson Wine Tours primarily focuses on the wine experience, however our clients often combine their wine tourism with several of the incredible attractions Italy has to offer:
Here are a few, the list is without end.

So now lets move on to give you some more information on the tours themselves.

Wine Tours in Piedmont

Wine Tours in Tuscany

Wine Tours in Puglia and Basilicata

Wine Tours in Sicily

Wine and Cooking vacations in Piedmont

Wine and Cooking vacations in Tuscany

Wine and Cooking vacations Puglia and Basilicata

Wine and Cooking vacations in Sicily

As of 2013 these are the regions we work in in Italy but in no way does this mean we cannot help you if you wish to mix these regions with others, we just are not Experts in other regions.

We interact with our clients to gather general ideas of where they want to visit and how many days they have at their disposal to travel in Italy. We then work with them to design a customized tour for everybody in their group. We see so many of our competition apparently offering something unique and bespoke, and it’s actually not at all. We can only tell you that this is what we have been doing successfully for over ten years in South America. We know our business only grows through our network of satisfied guests.

Robertson Wine Tour Objectives
Most of all, we want to enable you to have an amazing, unforgettable trip and to have shared with you the insights and things we love: food, wine and great company in world class settings. Italy is one enormous wine region, and contains vastly different unique climatic and topographic conditions. We will explain the diversity and style of as many of the regions and their wines as you choose, depending on your existing knowledge, prior visits, and taste in wines. We will use tasting techniques, sensory, and vertical tasting which all contribute to fulfilling your wine tourism experience, but drinking, enjoying, and discussing the wines is of course the main event. So to summarize our objectives – for you to taste the most interesting wines (not just the most expensive or famous) and gain a great understanding of the regions and foods you visit in the time you have available.

Culinary Tours
Many of our clients tend to combine a wine tour of Italy with opportunities to learn about the exciting cuisine of the many regions. The obvious problem is where to choose from as many food dishes are regional. Every town has its idiosyncrasies and unique recipes when it comes to food. Imagine that! We are here to help you hone in on the foods that you are interested in learning more about. We enjoy great relationships with numerous chefs and restaurants. Cooking classes can be half-day informative lessons, or we can really delve deep into the cuisine with week long classes in cooking techniques and recipes of a region. If you want to do this privately or join a group of like minded food lovers, we can make it happen. Culinary tours are currently most popular in all the areas we are working in, Sicily and Puglia in particular we think offer something really interesting for our guests and we have many places all over Italy we can use to cook with Experienced Chefs or just in the house of an Italian ‘Mama’ who will teach you all the little things she knows, and believe us ‘They should know!’.

Cycling / Walking / Hiking
Bicycling excursions can range from leisurely rides through the Italian vineyards and olive groves, to more strenuous and longer rides. Walking or hiking, even horseback riding, is offered in many regions. You should remember though that we are wine and food specialists at heart. We can organize many activities, but if you are looking for a dedicated bicycling or hiking holiday, perhaps we are not the company to choose.

Honeymoons and Anniversaries
We absolutely love and feel honoured being part of the most important trips of peoples lives We take great pleasure in organizing honeymoons, making sure everything is perfect, taking full use of all the little extras that Hotels and Wineries and Restaurants can provide for these special occasions. We make sure everyone knows the occasion and that they are treated accordingly. Honeymoons tend to take in not only the wine regions but some of the most important touristic sites in the regions, Venice (how much more romantic can it get), The Sorrento Coast and Capri are just a few. Birthdays and wedding Anniversaries, sometimes a total surprise are wonderful gifts, When travel wine and food come together we rarely find anything but pure enjoyment to be the result.

The climate in Italy

The climate varies considerably from the north to the south of Italy.
In the north of the country – the area between the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines – the climate is harsh, with very cold winters and very hot, particularly humid summers. In central Italy the climate is milder, with a smaller difference in temperature between summer and winter and a shorter and less intense cold season than in the north; summers are longer, but the sultriness of the northern cities is mitigated by the sea. In southern Italy and the islands winters are never particularly harsh, and spring and autumn temperatures are similar to those reached in the summer in other areas of Italy.

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