Veneto although only the 8th largest region of Italy and smaller than the other main wine-producing regions it produces more wine than then them, this is mainly due to the the regions  winemakers being among the first in Italy to innovate, replant and invest, We also think of this region of being home to the most industrious of people in Italy.

Amarone is often one of the wines most people new to Italian wines will mention these delicious famed Amarones production is mainly from Corvina tends to be planted on sun exposed slopes then fermented with dried (passito) grapes. while We have the fruity lighter red Valpolicella that tends to be from the flatlands. Also an interesting fresh and lighter still red Bardolino. Soave and Prosecco wines are all well known and have a place amongst the best known wines of Italy. Pinot Grigio is a major component of Venetos output, unfortunately often uninspired and over farmed.

For Valpolicella, the grape varieties are Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The grapes then can be ripasso or 'repassed' or dried out naturally, thus increasing mouth feel, flavors and level of alcohol.

Soave, is the white tour de force of Veneto, generally its Garganega (think tangy apple aromas) and then some Trebbiano but you could find smaller quantities of Pinot Blanc and even Chardonnay, it depends what the winemaker is trying to achieve. When wood is well used these wines can be extraordinarily interesting with huge appeal. Inama, Prà and Pieropan and are all excellent Soave producers. Close by you have Gambellara making similar wines yet less known and you will find  Merlot, Malbec and even Cermenere. Other varieties  include Cabernet and Pinot Bianco (Pinot Blanc). Vespaiolo, Merlot. Other Indigenous  red varieties which have great appeal the further east towards Fruili we travel include Raboso and Refosco grapes and and the highly interesting  white Verduzzo.

Prosecco like Asti Spumante is a complicated story that we will not go into fully here. We have found a very interesting PDF for the wine nerds, you can read it here.

There are superb Proseccos to be had, Glera is the predominant variety (85%) and left untamed over yield and that is generally what the worlds consumers are buying alcoholic water with some traces of melon and white fruits. Once we get serious and off the planes and into the hills(Colli) such as Asolo and  Conegliano things get really exciting. When we think that it was not until the late 60òs that the Forced carbonization of  still wine was invented not to be confused with the age old (16th Century) Champanoise method. I.E. second fermentation in the bottle Prosecco was being made in the french method, here we call it Col Fondo and its an incredible and totally different beast; but, probably only constitutes 1% of total production and very little going into the export market. We love the wines of Bele Casel, Azienda Agricola Costadilà and Malibran amongst others. There are two niggles here, one is the village of Prosecco is in Friuli, So best not talk about Prosecco to Friulano wine makers. And two is that so many older indigenous varieties vineyards are being replanted for Glera, They may live to regret that if Prosecco fashion falls out of favor, Time will tell.

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Veneto DOC and DOCG

Veneto (14 DOCG, 29 DOC)


Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Asolo Prosecco DOCG
Bagnoli Friularo/Friularo di Bagnoli DOCG
Bardolino Superiore DOCG
Colli di Conegliano DOCG
Colli Euganei Fior d’Arancio/Fior d’Arancio Colli Euganei DOCG
Lison DOCG

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG
Montello Rosso/Montello DOCG
Piave Malanotte/Malanotte del Piave DOCG
Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG
Recioto di Gambellara DOCG
Recioto di Soave DOCG
Soave Superiore DOCG


Arcole DOC
Bagnoli di Sopra/Bagnoli DOC
Bardolino DOC
Bianco di Custoza/Custoza DOC
Breganze DOC
Colli Berici DOC
Colli Euganei DOC
Corti Benedettine del Padovano DOC
Delle Venezie DOC
Gambellara DOC
Garda DOC
Lessini Durello/Durello Lessini DOC
Lison-Pramaggiore DOC
Lugana DOC
Merlara DOC
Montello–Colli Asolani DOC
Monti Lessini DOC
Piave DOC
Prosecco DOC
Riviera del Brenta DOC
San Martino della Battaglia DOC
Soave DOC
Valdadige/Etschtaler DOC
Valdadige Terradeiforti/Terradeiforti DOC
Valpolicella DOC
Valpolicella Ripasso DOC
Venezia DOC
Vicenza DOC
Vigneti della Serenissima/Serenissima DOC​
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