Wine & Food Experience in South America: Argentina ROBERTSON WINE TOURS for Jackson & Friends Thursday, 12th January 2017


The pursuit of a meaningful travel for Robertson Wine Tours means getting involved in the local culture of a specific region or a country as quickly as you can. Robertson Wine Tours will offer you a completely unique tour service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and food that you will never forget. Our guides have proven themselves with years of experience, wonderful personalities and of course in depth knowledge of their subjects. Most of all, we want to enable you to have an amazing and unforgettable tour by sharing with you the insights and things we most love: food, wines and great company in world-class settings. We will use different tasting techniques, which all contribute to fulfil your wine tourism experience. But tasting, enjoying and discussing the wines and food is of course the main event. To summarize, the main objective of this tour is for you to taste very interesting wines (not just the most expensive or the famous) and gain a great understanding of the places you are going to visit in the time you have.

Why Robertson Wine Tours?

The reason for choosing us is simple: we are wine lovers and want to share with you the things we love most: outstanding wines with excellent food, great company and landscapes. Our main objective is for you to gain a great understanding of Italy, while tasting amazing wines and cuisine in the time you have. We have many years of experience and excellence.

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Tour Day by Day: Wine & Food Experience in Buenos Aires for Jackson & Friends


Thursday, 12th January 2017
Sightseeing Buenos Aires: Wine & Food Experience

07:30 PM Reception & Departure from Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt with Driver of Robertson Wine Tours

Private Transfer to William’s Apartment
Please Note: Address is RIOBAMBA 990 Piso 5.

07:45 PM Guided Tasting of 9 WINES at William’s Apartment

Chardonnay White Bones 2009, Catena Zapata Winery, MENDOZA
Chardonnay White Stones 2009, Catena Zapata Winery, MENDOZA
Poesia (Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon) 2010, Poesia Winery, MENDOZA
Cabernet Franc 2010, Achaval Ferrer Winery, MENDOZA
Pinot Noir 55 2007, Chacra Winery, PATAGONIA
Malbec Estrella 1977, Weinert Winery, MENDOZA
Malbec 2012, Cobos Winery, MENDOZA
Malbec Finca Canal Uco 2010, Zuccardi Winery, MENDOZA
Tannat 2008, Veteris Conventus Winery, MENDOZA

09:15 PM Private Transfer to PURATIERRA Restaurant

09:30 PM 9-Step Dinner with 5 WINES at PURATIERRA Restaurant

Martin Molteni (Chef & Owner of PURATIERRA) will personally welcome Mr. Jackson Duncan and his friends to PURATIERRA Restaurant. We will settle the big table located in the Vitraux Area to guarantee a comfortable and private space to enjoy the guided dinner with Martin in a friendship and relaxed ambiance. Martin will be delighted to guide every menu step paired with the selection of wines offered below, while they all enjoy a very special dinner together.

1: Local Alligator, Summer garden
2: Lama Tartare, Quinoa Rocks
3: Marrow Bone Gratin, Parsley Salad
4 : Sweetbreads on Sugar Cane Syrup, Andean Tubers
5: Local Pekin Duck with Oriental Greens
6: Lamb & Eggplants
7: Pork Shoulder, Exotic Honey with Spices
8: Lemon Cream, Blackberry Cream, Seasonal Fruits
9: Baked Peaches & Sorbet

STEP 1: Ciclos Torrontés, El Esteco Winery, SALTA
STEPS 2 + 3: Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda, Zuccardi Winery, MENDOZA
STEPS 4 + 5: Monteagrelo Cabernet Franc, Familia Bressia Winery, MENDOZA
STEPS 6 + 7: Cuartel 2 Malbec, Marchiori Barraud Winery, MENDOZA
STEPS 8 + 9: Single Vineyard Petit Manseng, Terrazas de los Andes Winery, MENDOZA

12:30 AM Optional Post-Dinner Drinks at PLACE TBSUGGESTED

02:00 AM Private Transfer to Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt

02:30 AM Arrival at Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt

Monday, 02nd January 2017
Tim Robertson & Cristian Brisacani
Robertson Wine Tours

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