Uruguay was hardly known in world wine circles as it is a very small country with limited production and investment and to export into large markets it is not easy for them. But my goodness, there incredible wines to be found here. As Uruguay has had to carve out a niche for themselves. They have done it by hard work in the vineyards and by not trying to compete with Argentina or Chile on price but lead on quality and their climate also allows them more interesting variations as the climate is not that much different from Atlantic Bordeaux. Ten years ago lack of investment and high production costs held Uruguay back, now with a burgeoning tourism and well founded winemaker confidence the Uruguayan wine world is an exciting place to be.

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Wineries in Canelones, Uruguay

Antigua Bodega Stagnari
Winemaker: Carlo and Mariana Stagnari
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 30
Wines: Del Pedregal Wines, Del Pedregal SutilPrima Donna Wines, Mburucuaya, Osiris Wines

Winemaker: Analía Lazaneo and Valentina Gatti
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 32
Wines: Tannat, Tannat blends, Zinfandel

Winemaker: Carlos Pizzorno and Marcelo Laitano
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 20
Wines: Don Prospero Wines, Pizzorno Wines, Premium Wines, Sparkling Wines

Winemaker: The family
Annual production: 100.000 cases
Hectares: 68
Wines: Castle Pujol Roble Wines, Cepas Nobles Wines, Varietal Wines

Casa Grande
Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: 2.500 cases
Hectares: 32
Wines: Sauvignon BlancAlbariñoMerlotArinarnoaTannat Cabernet SauvignonTannacito

Varela Zarranz
Winemaker: Alejandra Secco, Federico Peluffo, Santiago Degasperi, Noelia de Lisa and Viviana Muñoz
Annual production: 37.500 cases
Hectares: 100
Wines: Whites & Rose’s, Classic Red Wines, Oak Wines, Premium Wines, Sparkling Wines

Viñedos de los Vientos
Winemaker: Pablo Fallabrino
Annual production: 3.750 cases
Hectares: 17
Wines: Platinium Wines, Gran Reserva & Angel’s Cuvee Wines, Desert Wines

Reinaldo De Lucca
Winemaker: Reinaldo De Lucca
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 50
Wines: Premier Wines, Reserva Wines, Premium Wines

Winemaker: Juan Andrés and Alejandro
Annual production: 17.000 cases
Hectares: 50
Wines: Gran Reserve Tannat “A”, Reserve Collection, Premium Varietals

Giménez Méndez
Winemaker: Luis Giménez Méndez, Mauro Giménez Méndez and Gastón Vitale
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 100
Wines: Premios Internacionales Wines, 100 Años Reserva Familiar Wines, Las Brujas, Gimenez Mendez Alta Reserva, Gimenez Mendez Reserva Premium

Familia Pisano
Winemaker: Ricardo Torregiani and Gabriel Pisano and Gaston Vitale
Annual production: 16,000 cases
Hectares: 15
Wines: Arret Xea Wines5th Generation Wines, RPF Wines, Rio de los Paiaros Wines, Cisplatino Wines

Wineries in Carmelo, Uruguay

Campo Tinto
Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 25
Wines: several Tannat blends

Winemaker: Carlos Irurtia
Annual production: 125,000 cases
Hectares: 15
Wines: Vinagala Wines, Rio de la Plata Reserva Wines, Tannat

El Legado
Winemaker: The family
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: unknown
Wines: Tannat blends, Reserva Wines, Limited Edition Wines

Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 15
Wines: Narbona Wines, Puerto Carmelo Wines

Wineries in other regions, Uruguay


Bouza Bodega Boutique
Winemaker: This winery works with one Dr in oenology and 2 oenologists
Annual production: 12,500
Hectares: 15
Wines: Albariño, Chardonnay, Merlot, Tannat, Merlot Tannat, Rosé Tempranillo, Tempranillo Tannat, Cocó Chardonnay Albariño

Uruka Vinos Finos
Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: 1,875 cases
Hectares: 40
Wines: Syrah Malbec, Tannat, Tannat Merlot


Alto de la Ballena
Winemaker: Paula and Alvaro Lorenzo
Annual production: 5,000 cases
Hectares: 8
Wines: Reserva Wines, Cetus Syrah, RoséTannat Merlot Cabernet FrancTannat Viognier

Winemaker: German Bruzzone
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: unknown
Wines: Reserva Wines, Varietal Wines


Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat Merlot

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