Uruguayan food: the first word that comes into our mind is NATURAL. The Ministry of Tourism has rightly made this word synonymous with the country. We could not agree more and it is true. When people say where does the best beef come in South America, Uruguay is in pole position. It is a no brainer that barbecue here or asado, as it is locally known, is one of the most famous in the world. There is no other country that does naturally produced vegetables and grains as Uruguay. Being on the river and on the sea, fish and seafood give also great diversity. Uruguay has the most interesting of the organically sourced and less intensive agriculture in South America. The base of the country's diet is: beef, chicken, lamb, pork and fish/seafood. Uruguayan cuisine is based on two lines: the traditional indigenous influence of the Charruans, as well as the roots taken from all the immigration from Europe has enjoyed. Uruguayan food always comes with bread in many savoury and sweet ways. Croissants, known as medialunas, are the most popular, bizcochos and tortas fritas are also a must have for the national drink, mate. Mate is a loose tea where dried leaves and twigs of the yerba mate plant are placed in a small gourd or cup. It can be sipped through a bombilla, a metal or cane straw.

A few staple dishes and oddities that we can find in Uruguay are: Chivito, an incredible sandwich with a thin fillet steak, bacon, ham, lettuce, tomato and can include: mushrooms, olives, mozzarella cheese, onion, eggs, garlic and mayonnaise. Stews and soups known as guisos or pucheros tend to be of Spanish origin. Uruguayan fish tends to have Basque, Galician and Portuguese influences, salted cod, calamari and octopus. Italian pasta dishes and gnocchi are extremely important, A unique pasta sauce is the caruso sauce, cream, meat extract, onions, ham and mushrooms, named after the famous tenor, Enrico Caruso. Empanada: a small savoury turnover, most commonly filled with meat, such as ham and cheese. Fainá: a mix of chickpea flour, salt, water and olive oil, originally called farinata, cooked like a pizza that comes from Liguria in Italy. Milanesa: a thin breaded cutlet steak. Uruguayan fugaza comes from the Genovese tradition of focaccia, but with the addition of cheese making it a wholly Uruguayan invention. Polenta originally from Northern Italy and is also very common throughout Uruguay. A sweet paste milk and sugar, dulce de leche, is one of the main components of alfajores, shortbread cookies sandwiched together with dulce de leche. There are also churros, a fried pastry filled with dulce de leche or jams.

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Restaurants in Carmelo, Uruguay

Address: Rute 21 Km 268, Carmelo 71100, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4540 4778
Type food: Italian, Wine Bar
Open hours: Everyday from 12:00AM to 11:00PM
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Address: Camino de los Peregrinos s/n, Carmelo 70100, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4542 7744
Type food: Italian
Open hours: 
Wednesday through Sunday: Lunch – from 12.30 am to 15.30 pm. Dinner – from 20.30 pm to 22.30 pm.
Tea Service: Thursday through Sunday from 16.00 to 19.00 pm.
The restaurant will remain closed to the general public Monday evenings and Tuesdays (all day).
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Casa Chic
Calle Limite Colonia Belgrano y Km 1, Carmelo, Uruguay
Telephone: Reservations via e-mail
Type food: Mediterranean
Open hours: –
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Puerto Dijama
Address: Sotavento s/n | esquina El Mastil, Carmelo 70200, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4542 9345
Type food: Mainly Italian, Wine Bar
Open hours: –
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Restaurants in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Address: San Pedro 116 | Charco Hotel, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4523 5000
Type of food: European, South American, Mediterranean
Open hours: Everyday from 8:00AM to 23:00PM
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Address: Misiones de Los Tapes 41 | Casco Historico Colonia Del Sacramento, Colonia del Sacramento 70000, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4523 5403
Type of food: Argentinean, South American, International
Open hours: Everyday from 13:00PM to 22:00PM, on Saturdays until 23:00PM
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La Bohemia
Address: Calle Del Colegio 66 | Barrio Historico, Colonia del Sacramento 70000, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4522 1884
Type of food: Italian, Cafe, Wine Bar
Open hours: From 12:00PM to 16:00PM, Wednesday closed, Saturdays also from 19:30PM to 12:00AM
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Don Joaquin
Address: 18 de Julio 267, Colonia del Sacramento 70000, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4522 4388
Type of food: Italian, Pizzeria
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 20:00PM to 1:00AM, Monday closed
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Parrillada El Porton
Address: General Flores 333, Colonia del Sacramento 70000, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4522 5318
Type of food: Barbecue, Argentinean, South American
Open hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays: Lunch 12:00PM – 16:00PM and Dinner 20:00PM – 12:00AM. Sundays only for lunch open.
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Rio Ancho Gourmet Lodge
Address: Tula Suarez de Cutinella S/N, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 4520 2205
Type of food: South American
Open hours: Thursdays to Saturdays 11.30AM – 22.30PM, Sundays 11.30AM – 18:00PM
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Del Ferrocarril
Address: Circunvalacion Plaza de Toros, Colonia del Sacramento 70068, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 91 835 298
Type of food: Italian, South American
Open hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 16:00PM
Evenings by reservation: dinner Friday and Saturday from 20:00 pm.
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Restaurants in Montevideo, Uruguay

Peatonal Perez Castellano 1389 | Esquina Washington, Montevideo 11000, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2915 6168
Type food: South American, Steakhouse
Open hours: Thursday to Sunday from 20:30PM
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La Petite Cuisine
Address: Alzaibar 1316 | 30 Meters From the Peatonal Sarandi, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay
Telephone:+ 598 9396 8098
Type food: French, Mediterranean
Open hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:00PM to 16:00PM
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La Fonda
Address: Peatonal Perez Castellano 1422, Entre Washington y 25 de Mayo, Montevideo 11100, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2917 1559
Type food: Mediterranean
Open hours: Thursday to Saturday from 12:00PM to 23:00PM and Sunday from 12:00PM to 16:00PM
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Address: Ramon Masini and Libertad | esq. Masini, Montevideo 11300, Uruguay
Telephone: +598 2709 6616
Type food: Mediterranean, South American, Asian
Open hours: Lunch from Monday to Friday from 12.30AM – 15:00PM, Dinner Monday to Saturday from 20:00PM onwards
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La Pulperia
Address: Lagunillas 448 esq. J. Nunez | Punta Carretas, Montevideo 11300, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2710 8657
Type food: South American, Steakhouse
Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00PM to 12:AM and Sunday from 12:00PM to 16:30PM
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Al Forno
Address: Solano Garcia 2421 | Esquina Lagunillas, Montevideo 11400, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2710 1518
Type food: Mediterranean
Open hours: Everday from 12:00PM – 16:00PM and from 20:00PM onwards
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Don Andres
Address: Lucas Obes 1054 esq 19 de Abril | Montevideo-Barrio Prado, Montevideo 11700, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2336 6418
Type food: South American, Steakhouse
Open hours: Everyday from 12:00PM to 12:30AM, Monday closed.
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Address: Luis de la Torre 502 | esquina Jose María Montero -Punta Carretas, Montevideo 11300, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2711 8603
Type food: Japanese, South American, Mediterranean
Open hours: Lunch, Sundays from 12:00PM to 15:30PM; Dinner, Tuesday to Saturday from 20:00PM – 12:00AM. (Friday and Saturday until 12:30AM.)
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La Cocina de Pedro
Address: Av. Gonzalo Ramirez 1483 | esq. J. B. Amorín, Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2411 0909
Type food: South American, Steakhouse, Spanish, Italian
Open hours: Everyday from 12:00PM to 15:30PM and 20:00PM to 12:00AM, Sunday only open for lunch, Friday and Saturday dinner until 12:3oPM and Saturday and Sunday lunch until 16:00PM
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El Fogon
Address: San Jose 1080, Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2900 0900
Type food: South American, Steakhouse, Wine bar
Open hours: Everyday from 12:00PM to 12:00AM
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Address: Coronel Mora 603, Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2711 5946
Type food: South American, Steakhouse
Open hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00PM onwards and from 20:00PM onwards
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Address: Bartolome Mitre 1386, Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2915 3231
Type food: Italian
Open hours: Monday to Saturday: 12:00PM – 15:30PM and 20:00PM – 23:00PM
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La Perdiz
Address: Guipuzcoa 350, Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2711 8963
Type food: Mediterranean, South American, Steakhouse
Open hours: –
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1921 Restaurant at Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & Spa
Address: Rbla Republica de Mexico 6451, 11500 Montevideo, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2604 6060
Type food: French, International
Open hours: –
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Address: Peatonal Sarandi 359 | Peatonal Sarandí 359, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay
Telephone: + 598 2915 4472
Type food: Wine bar, Tapas
Open hours: Everyday from 10:00AM to 16:00PM, Sundays closed
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