Here we just give you a short overview of the accommodations we offer in Uruguay and in addition, there is a list of the Uruguayan restaurants we recommend. Remember Uruguay in December and January is at its height of season and things can be booked years in advance for certain dates so do not leave your Uruguay booking till the last minute. RWT, having lived in Uruguay for nigh on 3 years, we feel its a perfect place to relax. Montevideo is not and never will be Buenos Aires. What you can enjoy in Uruguay and Montevideo is a pace and ease of life that does not exist in so many places of the world anymore and friendly and discreet people. Uruguay is a marvelous place to be and just let your worries and stress disappear.

When to come? We think September through to end of December are perfect and then February through to May.

How long do I need? To enjoy Montevideo 2 nights is perfect and we can use it as our base for touring the wineries. To enjoy the beaches of Uruguay we suggest a further 3 or 4 nights.

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Montevideo – Sheraton Montevideo

If My Suites is too small and not of your level, then we have the Sheraton. The location is very best for seeing where the embassies and the wealthy live are. It is delightful, understated and you are always close to the sea/river. The views are wow. It is attached to a mall and its 1990’s building gives it the feel of a convention centre hotel. However, staff, management and value for money make this a good choice for Montevideo. Even if our review does not sound raving, it is still convenient for our needs.

Website Sheraton Montevideo

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Hotel: Sofitel Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

This hotel has just opened, it is an outstanding feat, this property of enormous size and grandeur has been remade as this luxury hotel, will they ever recuperate the investment, we do not mind lets just enjoy it. Apart from walking long the seas promenade ‘the Rambla’ you are in the wealthy residential area Carrasco. All our contacts are saying positive things.

Website Sofitel Carrasco

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Jose Ignacio – Bahia VIK

Opened its doors late 2014 with a private area on the small but charming beach in Jose Ignacio, an unbeatable setting. Like the other properties of VIK also Bahia VIK’s suites are exceptionally designed by mainly Uruguayan artists. There is no lack of service either, with a spa, wellness, gym, yoga studio and a baby sitting service. Because this property luxury at its best it is in high demand so book well in advance.

Website Bahia VIK

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Jose Ignacio – Estancia VIK

An art collection that would put some museums to shame. Attached by Mercedes transports to their sister structure the Playa VIK, you can use the facilities of both. The service is actually not at all stuffy but really very homely, same with the food, its simple and not at all over elaborated. The views over the lake and countryside are uninterrupted, a total haven from stress.

Website Estancia VIK

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Jose Ignacio – La Posada del Faro

This small and perfectly formed guest house with outstanding views. This Posada oozes charm and discreet luxury. Jose Ignacio is where the good and the great from Argentina and Brazil come to have a low profile and relaxed vacation. We prefer the suites to the entry level rooms. Stylish, not overly expensive and great place to finish off your trip to south America or the Uruguayan wineries.

Website La Posada del Faro

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Hotel: Jose Ignacio – Playa VIK

Playa VIK is a completely contemporary and amazingly designed beach front hotel in Uruguay’s ultra chic and calm village of José Ignacio. The cuisine is focused on freshly caught seafood, locally grown vegetables and plenty of Uruguayan beef. Playa VIK has six casitas all with modern art throughout, a formal dining room, a couple of small treatment rooms and an impressive wine cellar.

Website Playa VIK

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Carmelo – Campo Tinto

Campo Tinto is what Uruguay is: small, real and very laid back. This lodge has just five rooms, authentic to a fault. This is real Uruguayan hospitality. Nestled in the vineyards, this is a non pretentious real McCoy Place. Zero metre food, experimentative winemaking and rural setting is just what you need post Buenos Aires. The New York Times declared it a gorgeous five-room boutique hotel set on a sprawling hill deep in the wine country of South America. Come before they do!

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Carmelo – Hyatt

Hyatt offers either accommodation with view on the river, the vineyards or the forest and you are not only able to enjoy this view from your suite, but also from the large and extravagant pool terrace. The grounds are gorgeously cultivated with eucalyptus trees, pine trees and grapevines. These surroundings make this hotel the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.

Website Hyatt

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Carmelo – Narbona Wine Lodge

Narbona Wine Lodge is where cool set come from Montevideo and Buenos Aires come to relax at the weekends or holidays. Beautifully built (new build) and situated on an important estancia dating back to 1909, its a hit for us and our clients. On site there is a lovely restaurant, a bakery, a general store, a museum, a winery and a vineyard, you never need to leave. At one with nature, tranquil and relaxing; exactly as Uruguay should be.

Website Estancia Narbona Wine Lodge

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Colonia – Rio Ancho Gourmet Lodge

Located in the middle of the Uruguayan Forest, Rio Ancho Gourmet Lodge is recommended due to its breathtaking view over the Rio de la Plata River and a private beach where they hold plenty of events and dinners. The chances are high that you will not even set foot out of this beautiful and luxurious lodge as it has everything you wish for, including an outstanding cuisine that has been supervised by one of our most preferred chefs in Buenos Aires, Martin Molteni. This is full board and with a special dinner for New Year’s Eve included. Highly Recommended.

Website Rio Ancho Gourmet Lodge

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