ITINERARY:   Tuscany: Weiss and Diamond

IN Friday 30th August.  OUT Wednesday 4th September: 2019

Now Including  Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Days out

 20th August. Catania Port: Taormina and Surroundings with Coast including Catania

 29th August. Naples Port: Capri by boat with guide

Dear Elaine and travelling companions

We are most pleased to be able to show you beautiful Tuscany with three days out from Florence where you will be staying in two Junior Suites in our go to Hotel Garabaldi Blu, see below.

We will be pretty unstructured in so far as what and where we are going with the exceptions of showing you 2 or 3 (if you allow us) Winery tastings to give you an overview of the wines of Chianti, Montalcino and San Gimignano. We have chosen relaxed wineries where we know them really well, We can concentrate on the wines and you do not need to make the Visit to the cellars if you do not want to.

Lunches we would like to book for you as we know some super places that go beyond for us and our clients, expect fantastic food and wines not overpriced and very authentic; We will leave you to eat À la carte rather than  arranging set included meals as per Elaines wishes.

We would be thrilled if we could also make some of your dinner or lunch reservations whilst in Florence just to ensure you do not eat badly, not easy to eat badly in Italy but better to be safe.

Katherine your Driver and (non Licensed) guide has been working with us for 7 years and originally hails from Berkley CA, she is an all rounder with 30 years here in Tuscany based in Florence, she knows all the places, be it for uncrowded sights, shopping and just seeing a Tuscany that is becoming rarer to find due to its global fame.

In Italy we have licensed guides and non licensed guides. As you decided to opt for casual Katharine will accompany you in Siena and where ever you want her, but she will not have dates at her fingertips and should not be treated as a instant Enciclopedia of knowledge; What she can do is tell you what life is really like in Italy and all of her experiences and she has naturally loads of insider info and will help you think and feel like a local. Katharine is a very accomplished driver and has been do this for 20 years so you are in safe hands. Van will be equipped with some water for you and you are not limited by time or mileage.

So below we map our how the days could work for you.

We look forward to welcoming you post your Cruise for a delightful stay in what is deservedly  the most important city for renaissance Art and Architecture in the World.


Table of contents

Taormina Castelmola and Catania. Tuscany and two cruise ship Days out: Weiss and Diamond


Taormina is a city located on the east coast of Sicily, in the Province of Messina.

The main sight of Taormina is Teatro Greco. This Greek theatre was built in the 3rd century BC and was originally quite small. However, the Romans enlarged the theatre. Especially the view from the Teatro Greco is spectacular, you can see both Mount Etna and the Bay of Naxos. Corso Umberto is the main street of Taormina which goes from the Porta Messina to the Porta Catania. On the Corso Umberto you can find many souvenir shops, restaurants and boutiques.Another sight of Taormina is the Odeon, located in the centre of Taormina. This is a small Roman theatre, which was discovered in 1892. It was mainly used for small vocal performances.

While Taormina will be our main Focus we will also enjoy the Coastline, the views over the Messina Strait and Ionian Sea and  time for a quick look at the sights of Catania with Transport.

We will collect you at the Exit point of Celebrity Edge Passengers at The Port of Catania

Reception with your guide

Transfer to Toarmina

Lunch at Malvasia Restaurant. Note this is a suggested and reserved lunch not included( we had to make a last minute change here)

Tripadvisor Malvasia Taormina

Visit to Toarmina with your Expert Guide. Greek Theatre Highly Recommended (Tickets not included)

Transfer to Castelmola

Visit to Castelmola with your Expert Guide.

Transfer to Catania

Enjoy the sights of Catania with your expert Guide

Return to Celebrity Edge

Capri: Tuscany and two cruise ship Days out: Weiss and Diamond


A stark mass of limestone rock that rises through impossibly blue water, Capri is the perfect microcosm of Mediterranean appeal: a smooth cocktail of chichi piazzas and cool cafés, Roman ruins and rugged seascapes.

We will collect you at the Exit point of Celebrity Edge Passengers at The Port of Naples

Reception with your guide

Transfer to Fast Boat to Capri, Tickets included

Visit to Capri with your Expert Guide.

Lunch At Geranio Capri Restaurant. Note this is a suggested and reserved lunch not included

Geranio Capri Restaurant

Visit to Capri with your Expert Guide.

Transfer to Naples. Tickets included

Return to Celebrity Edge


Hotel: Garabaldi Blu. Florence Tuscany

Location Location Location and this hotel has it in spades. We have been working with this locally owned chain Why the best since we started in Florence in 2011. All their hotels are extremely well run, staff well trained and the rooms tend towards the larger in Florence and they will always try to adapt to the needs of our clients be that early check ins, upgrades and the likes. This is a hotel that takes in 3 different buildings and it come sometimes feel a little confusing about where you actually are. There are some very quirky superhero full size models which add to this curious mix.
The refit conducted in this property has been done by the owner and the style is modern refined with style. Think parquet floors, Brazilian woods cooling blues and white linens. All the hotels with the exception of Villa Cora enjoy this melding of modern and traditional. The Santa Maria Square is one of Florences most iconic and we suggest a frontage room. All other services are as you would expect at this 4 star hotel.

Hotel Garibaldi Blu Website

TripAdvisor Comments

TOUR DAY BY DAY:Tuscany: Elaine and Friends for K



Mini Van with Air conditioning.

Full damage cover.


We have not included any meals, Breakfast at Garabaldi Blu which is great is included.

We will be making suggestions and reservations throughout your time in Florence.

On the Days out with us we will choose the restaurants that we work with and you will will eat A la Carte.

DAY 01:Friday 30th August:  Transfer  in / Sleep Garbaldi

Please Note we do not yet know your form of Transfer in, If it is by Train then you are in luck.
Its a five minute walk all flat and very easy

Check into Garbaldi Blu, If we can have copies of your Passports that will make check in even easier.

NOTE: we will make suggestions and reservations throughout your time in Florence, Being Height of season we should discuss that as and when you are ready and it would be good to know all your likes, dislikes, Allergies etc.


I would quite like you to pop in and say hello and welcome them to Florence…NO need for wine or anything..just an idea and I know its a pain,,,but just a nice touch.

Sleep Garbaldi Blu

(No Meals included)

DAY 02:Saturday 31st August: Sightseeing Florence by Yourselves


Sightseeing Florence by Yourselves

Lunch and Dinner suggestions and reservations made.

Sleep Garbaldi Blu


  DAY 03Sunday 1st September : Sightseeing Chianti and  San Gimignano and Beyond


A Full Day in the Countryside of Tuscany.

Pick up time as you prefer.

We will drive through some of the most beautiful countryside in Italy.

Passing through , stopping as you wish.

Greve in Chianti.

Seeing Panzano, the very heart of the top winemaking in this zone.

Stopping for a coffee, Cheese wine where ever we want.

Castellina in Chianti.

We are going to take you to Lunch at La Cantinetta di Rignana, at the end of a very long and dusty road, hidden and away from the crowds this is a total gem of Restaurant.

Website: La Cantinetta di Rignana . RESERVED

Post Lunch we cross over the Raccordo Autostradale Firenze – Siena, the Road that cuts two very distinct regions and connects Florence to Siena.

Now we visit one of Tuscanys most Iconic and fascinating of Villages San Gimignano.

Katharine will accompany you and you can enjoy as much time as you like here.

Our Final stop today will be a tasting of the wines of Cappella Sant’Andrea…BOOKED AND PAID FOR

Website: Cappella Sant Andrea

Return to Florence.

Sleep Garbaldi Blu


DAY 04: Monday 2nd September
Sightseeing Monteriggioni, Siena and Felsina Winery


A Full Day in the Countryside of Tuscany.

Pick up time as you prefer.

We will drive through some of the most beautiful countryside in Italy.

Transfer to Monteriggioni.

Sightseeing with Katharine in the Fortified Borgo of Monteriggioni.

Transfer to Siena.

Accompanied Visit to Siena.

Lunch reserved at Compagnia Dei Vinattieri...RESERVED


Website: Vinattieri

After Lunch and a final look at Siena we drive to Felsina to make a tasting (I decided to make just the tasting and not the visit, but you let me know if would like to see their cellar).

Website: Felsina I WILL BOOK AND PAY

Return to Florence.

Final farewell Dinner reserved at Enoteca Pitti Gola. 8.30PM

PLEASE NOTE. We have changed the dinner to Pitti Gola for this evening as it works far better, as tomorrow you may get back later and want something lighter closer to the hotel due to timing.RESERVED


Sleep Garbaldi Blu


DAY 05: Tuesday 3rd September
Sightseeing Montalcino / Pienza / Montepulciano


A Full Day in the Countryside of Tuscany.

Pick up time 9.00 AM.

Transfer to Montalcino.

Visit and Tasting at Capanna Winery. RESERVED

Website: Capanna Montalcino

Lunch Reservation at Boccon Di Vino with Amazing views over the vine laden northern valley. RESERVED

Website: Boccon di Vino

Post Lunch we invite you to visit the gorgeous Sant’Antimo Abbey an important stop on the Pilgrims Via Francigena.

From there it would be impossible not to to take the beautiful trip into the Val O’rcia to Pienza, dubbed the perfectly formed town surrounded by the clay hills and suggestive Cypress trees.

Return to Florence.

Sleep Garbaldi Blu


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