Wine & Food Experience in Italy

 Friuli, Slovenia & Croatia  and South Tyrol 


Friday, 22nd May - Saturday, 30th May 2020


​​Dear  Al and Barb:

I have changed the tour around and I know you are going to love South Tyrol.

Just been up there and think its a great fit for our May tour, I will know many places but will add in a few more producers that fit our bill.

We are using only two hotels and the final night close to the airport in the Marriott (the third) as I know you like no stress and a 10.40 Flight implies better to be there. Both Hotels I have reserved the Top Suites, Note the hotel room in the Marriott is nothing special at all as explained to Al and he accepts that. Note. I now show you the price for the Trieste Hotel for the Presidential Suite of which there are 2. Yes its more money but I think its money well spent for the space, the bathroom works and of course there is a stunning view with a balcony.

What do we have in store for you? :We are going to get the whole picture and a lot of that swirling it around your tongues. If Piedmont is Italy’s black king, Friuli is the white king but with some very interesting colder climate reds that need ageing, Croatias Istria is now the new Tuscany.  We will now enjoy a day out in the north where most of the important producers like Kabola, Clai and  Roxanich and Kozlovic reside. For Friuli we will keep to Collio Orientale  both Italian and Slovenian sides, Where, perhaps my favourite producers reside. We will forgo Carso for our trip but get to taste there wines on the tour. Get ready for macerated (Orange and Amber can be used) wines, Barb likes to chew tannins this should have her covered.

An unmissable lunch at Agli Amici the day we move to South Tyrol, Its Epic, and so are the owners, not that we are setting expectations here.

Combining Croatia’s Istrian wines with  a hint of Slovenia & Friuli means you will have a superb understanding of the whole region, something that few get to experience. The province of Gorizia is located in the South East of Friuli. It is the heart of regional winemaking, spit in half by borders (now totally open). This is why we will be in Italy for breakfast, Slovenia for lunch, wines and criss cross in and out of the two. It is not all white, which I know is going to be relief for Barb, but these are high acidity cooler climate wines that require ageing. We will taste merlot and cabernet franc, but they will be unlike the sun kissed and extracted wines from the warmer climes of the USA. Expect refosco & pinot noir, schioppettino and more from vines that have not been bathed in sun for 8 months of the year.

As for South Tyrol, while only producing .8% of Italian wine, these are extraordinary wines that are in fact bathed in sun, Sold out annually which is an issue.  Whites all derive from Pinot and crosses Kerner and Sauvignon all excite with Pinot Bianco perhaps the most ubiquitous.  Pinot noir keeps up with the best of Italy and beyond. The tendency here is towards linear wines with huge potentiality for ageing that is in fact up to us to Age in our cellars.  Lagrein is an amazing grape we will introduce you too and Schiava lending itself to being reintroduced hopefully by more mindful producers. Soils are as varied as you could imagine in mountain bound South Tyrol (morenic or volcanic quartz with marl and limestone). Huge thermal amplitudes ensure ripeness and aromas. We will also explore the most northern wine Valley of Bressanone zone of Italy.

Food … well, it is Italy. Most people here make their own salami, hams and much more besides. We have fish, fresh water and sea, coast and mountain food, all rolled into one. No public relations or linguistic hosts, this is as real as it gets and we have mixed up the great, the simple and the unmissable on this gastronomic treat. After our Spain tour last year I have tried harder to balance  smaller lunches with superb dinners and vice versa.

I know you how you both like things and how we have travelled the best in recent years.

All Hotels are booked and we await deposit from you.


Now let's look at the tour itself.

Table of contents

Trieste – Savoia Excelsior Palace

Simply put, this is the best hotel in Trieste. Built for the Emperor of the Austro Hausburg Empire, the project was overseen by the Emperor himself. With the most privileged position in front of the sea and the most regal of ballrooms, libraries and communal areas, you will find yourself soaking up all this royal history and grandeur. Liberty style meets belle époque. The hotel had a complete refit less than 5 years ago and they increased the room size. Now, the hotel has 144 rooms and suites and you can feel that no corners were cut in the refurbishment. We know and trust the management and cannot think of a better way to start your tour in Trieste. Trieste can really get under your skin quickly and many locals as well as foreigners have been caught in a romance with this magical place. Trieste is so manageable with everything spreading out from the Piazza Unità d’Italia, which is 20 meters from the foyer of this grand dame of hotels. Breakfast is a grand buffet with all one could need. You will note from the Trip Advisor comments, this is the number one hotel in the region and deservingly so.

Website Savoia Excelsior Palace

Trip Advisor Comments Savoia Excelsior Palace

Hotel. Villa Eden. Merano. South Tyrol

Well, Here we have a Small Luxury Hotel of The World,  29 gorgeous Rooms and Suites is leading the pack in Merano and beyond.

Stunning in every sense, Welcome and feel at home charm works really well, Think of black wood banisters, hushed voices and a feel of  unique hotels of the past.  While style is apparent everywhere you go its the refined elegance that seems effortless.

Rooms range in style from more Classic rooms and elegant period feeling or a more Zen like approach in the higher categories. Communal spaces and bar and gardens bring equal joy, nothing is amiss, Perhaps just wanting to stay a few more nights!

Suites are huge and worth the extra , As with any hotel in this zone booking ahead is essential. There is fine dining where you can enjoy Raj one of the chatty and superb waiters, or anyone you are coming into contact is frankly a joy.

We love small hotels where we can say its perfectly formed and is 5 star all the way. Highly recommended

Website: Villa Eden

Tripadvisor Comments. Villa Eden

Tour Outline & Guiding – Friuli, Croatia, Slovenia, South Tyrol. For Al and Barb

Tour Outline

 DAY 01 – Friday, 22nd May. Arrival IN / Trieste / Welcome Wine Tasting & Dinner in house / Sleep Savoia Excelsior Palace

DAY 02 – Saturday, 23rd May. Wine Tasting Collio: Cultural, Wine & Food Experience

DAY 03 – Sunday, 24th May. Croatia Istria Peninsula : Wine & Culinary Experience

DAY 04 – Monday, 25th May. Collio Slovenia: Cultural, Wine & Food Experience

DAY 05 – Tuesday, 26th May. Check Out / Friuli Wine Experience and 2 star Michelin Lunch at Agli Amici  / Veneto Wine & Food Experience Check in  Sleep at Villa Eden

DAY 07 – Thursday, 27th May. South Tyrol:  Merano and Bolzano Wine and Food Experience

DAY 07 – Thursday, 28th May. South Tyrol:  Bressanone Wine and Food Experience

DAY 08 – Friday, 29th May Check Out /South Tyrol: Tramin Wine and Food Experience: / Check in Marriott Venice / Sleep Marriott Venice Airport

DAY 09 – Saturday, 30th May.  Check out Marriott Venice Departure OUT




Tour Day by Day – Friuli, Croatia, Slovenia and South Tyrol. For Al and Barb

Tour Day by Day

 DAY 01 – Friday, 22nd May
Arrival IN / Trieste / Welcome Wine Tasting & Dinner / Sleep Savoia Excelsior Palace


Flight IN at Venice Airport (Marco Polo)

Arrive Venice Swiss Air LX 1664  18.50 PM

Reception & Departure  Airport with Tim of Robertson Wine Tours

Arrival & Check IN at Savoia Excelsior Palace

Welcome Wine Tasting & Tour Orientation at Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Rooms Service Dinner is included at Savoia Excelsior Palace


Sleep at Savoia Excelsior Palace / Room Category:  P. Suite


DAY 02 – Saturday, 23rd May
Wine Tasting Collio: Cultural, Wine & Food Experience


Departure from Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Private Transfer to San Floriano (Slovenia)

Visit & Wine Tasting at Terpin Winery

Visit and Tasting at Il Carpino


Lunch with Wines of Damian Podversic with Miriam at Ponte Al Calvario

Private Transfer to San Floriano

Visit & Wine Tasting at Paraschos Winery

Arrival at Savoia Excelsior Palace

Informal Wine Tasting prior to Dinner Concentrating on Rare Varieties Wines of Friuli

Taxi Included and Departure from Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Welcome Dinner with wines Included Antica Trattoria Menarosti Restaurant

Arrival at Savoia Excelsior Palace


Sleep at Savoia Excelsior Palace / Room Category: P. Suite 

(B) (L)  (D)

DAY 03 – Sunday, 24th May
Croatia Istria Peninsula : Wine & Culinary Experience 


Departure from Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Transfer to Krasica/Croatia

Visit & Wine Tasting at Clai Winery

Tasting of wines Now or Later of the winemakers Dimitri personal project.

Private Transfer to Bluje/Croatia


Tasting of wines at Roxanich

Lunch with Wines at Roxanich Restaurant

Visit & Wine Tasting at Kozlovic Winery

Visit to Kabola winery

Arrival at Savoia Excelsior Palace

Transfer to Trieste

Arrival at Savoia Excelsior Palace

Informal Wine Tasting prior to Dinner Concentrating on Red Wines of Friuli

Reserved Dinner informal Not Included a la Carte at Città di Cherso Restaurant in Trieste
Please Note: 5 minutes Walking Distance.

Arrival at Savoia Excelsior Palace


Sleep at Savoia Excelsior Palace / Room Category:  P. Suite 

(B) (L)

DAY 04 Monday, 25th May
 Collio Slovenia: Cultural, Wine & Food Experience


Departure from Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Private Transfer to Dobrovo (Slovenia)

Visit & Wine Tasting at Simcic Winery

Private Transfer to Brda (Slovenia)

Visit & Wine Tasting at Movia Winery


Private Transfer to Gorizia

Lunch with Wines at Restaurant Rosenbar 

Visit & Wine Tasting at Jankar Stekar

Transfer and Aperitif in Cormons

Suggested Earlier Dinner

Private Transfer to Opicina

Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at  Trattoria Valeria 1904 Restaurant

Private Transfer to Trieste


Sleep at Savoia Excelsior Palace / Room Category: P. Suite 

(B) (L) 

DAY 05 – Tuesday, 26th May

Check Out / 2 star Michelin Lunch at Agli Amici  / Veneto Wine & Food Experience / Check in and Sleep at Villa Eden


Check out and Departure from Savoia Excelsior Palace with Tim Robertson

Private Transfer to Brazzano

Wine Tasting at Borgo del Tiglio Winery

Private Transfer to Godia close to Udine


Gourmet Lunch with wines  Agli Amici Restaurant included
Please Note: 2-Star Michelin Restaurant.

Private Transfer to Valpolicella

Wine Tasting at Zenato winery Valpolicella.

Private Transfer  to Merano

Arrival and Check in Villa Eden

Dinner Suggestion (Light) at Villa Eden Restaurant (Not Included)


Sleep at  Hotel Villa Eden/ Room Category: Garden  Suite 

(B) (L)

DAY 06 – Wednesday, 27th May
South  Tyrol : Wine & Culinary Experience. Bolzano and Terlano


Departure From Hotel Villa Eden

Private Transfer to Auna di Sotto

Tasting at Kohl Apple Juice Farm.

Private Transfer to Loacker Winery

Tasting at Loacker Winery

Private Transfer to Anstiz Waldgries Winery

Tasting at Anstiz Waldgries Winery

Private Transfer to Bolzano

Lunch Included a la Carte with wine selection at Italia Amore Restaurant

Private Transfer to Merano

Late PM to relax at Hotel Villa Eden

Informal Tasting in Suite with wines with Tim

Taxi Transfer (Not Included) to Merano

Dinner Suggestion at Trenkerstube.  Not included

Taxi Transfer to Hotel Villa Eden


Sleep at Hotel Villa Eden  / Room Category: Garden Suite

(B) (L)

DAY 07 – Thursday, 28th May
Wine and Food Experience. South Tyrol.  Bressanone


Departure From Hotel Villa Eden

Private Transfer to  Bressanone

Tasting at Abbazia Di Novacella

Private Transfer to Pacherhof Winery

Tasting at Pacherhof Winery


Private Transfer to  Bressanone

Cheese Tasting for Lunch with wines at Degust Affineur 

Transfer to Nössing Manfred

Wine Tasting at Nössing Manfred

Move across the Road to  Haller Suites

Informal Bar Tasting of the wines of Family Haller

Private Transfer to Bressanone

Arrival at Hotel Elephant

Dinner Not included at Restaurant Apostelstube

Private Transfer to Hotel Villa Eden

Sleep at Hotel Villa Eden  / Room Category: Garden Suite 

(B) (L)

DAY 08 – Friday, 29th May
Check out / Wine and Food Experience. South Tyrol.  Tramin / Soave / Transfer to Venice / Check in Marriott Venice 


Check OUT from  Hotel Villa Eden

Transfer to Tramin

Wine Tasting at Tenuta J. Hofstätter

Short transfer to Manincor

Bar Tasting at Manincor Winery

Transfer to Castel Ringberg


Lunch Included a la Carte at Castel Ringberg with the wines of Elena Walch.

Private Transfer to Soave or Gamballara

Optional Tasting at Pieropan Winery or Menti Winery

Private Transfer to Venice Marriott Hotel

Check in Venice Marriott Hotel

Dinner not included in House


Sleep Marriott Courtyard. Category: Executive Suite

(B) (L)

DAY 09 – Saturday, 30th May
 Check out Marriott Venice Departure OUT


Check out of Marriott Airport Hotel

Transfer included to Extremely close Airport Terminal

Swiss Air Lx1661. 10.40 AM Flight OUT from Marco Polo Airport




Costs Inclusions & Exclusions – Friuli Croatia Slovenia and South Tyrol for Al and Barb




You now have a Presidential Suite in Trieste and Garden Suite in Villa Eden
Transport stays the same with Mercedes E Class or Large SUV (Jaguar F Pace, Alfa Stelvio)

Final Price Per Person :                 10, 585, EUR

COSTS Issuing Invoice to Onyx Software  Discount 9.5% in total sales Taxes

Final Price Per Person :                 9,580 EUR



Airport Transfers
8 nights  Accommodation in the Hotels included in the Itinerary
Private Transport with Air Conditioning
Bottled Mineral Water
Bilingual Expert Guiding with Your Wine Professional Tim
8 Daily Breakfasts
5 informal Premium Wine Tastings prior to dinner
7  Lunches indicated on the itinerary with wines
1 Welcome Dinner with Wines
Entrance Fees & Premium Wine Tastings at the Wineries
Other Activities Included in the Itinerary


International Flights
Lunches & Dinners Not Included in the Itinerary
Gratuities for Restaurants
Personal Expenses & Others Costs Not Included in the Itinerary
Activities Not Included in the Itinerary

Please Note Al, Taxis or Dinner Transfer costs are included unless specifically stated on the Itinerary.

Tim Robertson
Owner & Director of Robertson Wine Tours
29th  November 2019

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