Here we give you an overview of the mainstay of the Sicilian accommodations we offer.

Please try to remember Sicily is the biggest geographical region in Italy, its huge. Be kind to yourself and do not try to see and do too much the first time you come to Sicily.

We like to divide Sicily and the way to see  into East, South East, Central and West.

Not everyone can see the whole of Sicily in 7 nights, if you want its possible but do you like a whirlwind tour?  That is not really what we think makes for a relaxing on interesting holiday, you tell us what and how you like to travel and we can advise from there.

Into Palermo or Catania or Vice Versa makes the most sense, Catania is a better served and more important airport for Sicily.

In the East we tend to choose Taormina or Etna as our start or end.

In the South East Ragusa Province.

In the Centre. Agrigento and Menfi and Caltanissetta.

In the West Palermo makes most sense.


Sicily; The largest, the most interesting and without doubt the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean Sea. Colonised by Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Normans and finally by Garibaldi bringing it into unified Italy in 1860. No country this size has had more influences to bear on it than Sicily. These influences are so pronounced today in the food, the people and the fascinating mix of incredible sights all bound within this 1000 miles of beautiful coastline. Robertson Wine Tours can plan your Sicilian stay and combine this with wine and culinary tours, cooking classes and more importantly with cultural and archaeological sites that are too numerous to name.

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Hotel: Maison Blanche, Taormina

Having had the pleasure in staying in the best lodges in the world, it is easy to get jaded. Maison Blanche is right off the charts for even the most travelled amongst us. It is simply an incredible stay. Why? Is it the position perched precariously on a cliff in the beautiful village of Taormina or the James Bond like structure with all rooms experiencing once in a lifetime views or the owner, Francesco, who opens his home and delights in ensuring everything is just perfect for your stay? Naturally, it is a combination of everything.

The house is an architects dream, the interior is a feast of heirlooms from a distinguished industrialist family. With only four rooms, advance booking is essential. The property is not located in the centre of Taormina (15-minute walk). The path up or down is a real delight, but naturally stairs and inclines do predominate due to the elevation of Taormina. Breakfast like everywhere else here is served with a stunning view over Isola Bella and they will make whatever you want. We cannot recommend this extraordinary structure more highly.

Maison Blanche Website

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Hotel: Metropole. Taormina



This hotel is located in the middle of Old Taormina. Having the main entrance on the Corso Umberto itself, which is the main pedestrian street, it has all the best shops and restaurants almost next door. The energy of the hotel is young, eager to please. The rooms have a marble staircase and a terrace looking out over the sea, decorated all in white and cream, the beds covered in linen, silk and soft wool. All the rooms include super showers with LED lights and waterfall shower-heads. The hotel offers shuttles to the public beaches and parking for clients (a total plus in Taormina).

The Metropole enjoys an incredible infinity pool with fabulous views, but it is not what you would say private. Tea or Aperitifs in the lobby at sunset is ravishing, done with impeccable service all with the Taorminese views. There is Jazz at night and because of that, we book the higher room levels to avoid noise pollution, that said this hotel is for a younger, trendier set.  You need to think about the Deluxe Suite or Junior Suite Intimate, for a super stay.

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Website Hotel Metropol Taormina

Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina


Quite simply the pinnacle of Belmond’s Italian hotel portfolio. This is the ex Orient Express Grande Dame cannot be touched for views and the outstanding grounds. Needless to say reassuringly expensive. Gardens and pools all very special. You can use the sister hotel Villa San Andrea should you want some beach and sea action. If there was a negative it would be that the guests tend to be a little snooty.

Website Grand Hotel Timeo

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Grand Hotel San Pietro, Taormina


Grand Hotel San Pietro is a really superb hotel just off the centre Taormina and therefore, it is quiet and calm and has uninterrupted views of Isole Belle and beyond.

With 73 rooms and suites (that we would advise to book) this really is a small hotel, a home away from home. Built recently 2007 on the stunning grounds of an old villa this has become a favorite for us. Clientele are English and then a splattering from the World.

The executive rooms are the entry level that have no view, so we do not advise them, Full sea views and the balconies and room sizes starting from 26 Sq meters are excellent.  There is as a shuttle to the centre of Taormina (10 minute walk) and San Pietro also offer a shuttle to the beach just 5 minutes, where you can enjoy chairs and umbrellas free of charge at their beach club.

The view of the sea and Mt. Etna while enjoying breakfast under the olive trees is quite the way to start the day. Food and beverage is a really strong point, Gino the head maitre of the hotel has been with them since inception and we really think as far as authentic Sicilian foods and wines they do a incredible job. We know the management but this is a new collaboration for us.

Website Grand Hotel San Pietro

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Hotel: Villa Sant’Andrea, Taormina


Sister hotel to the Hotel Timeo. Lovely beachfront and excellent restaurants, if expensive. More of a beach holiday stay but if you want Belmonds level of service its worth a look. We love the fact you can interchange between the two hotels services which gives you the best of both Worlds.


Website Villa Sant’Andrea

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Hotel: Villa Belvedere, Taormina


Hotel Villa Belvedere is the best choice for a four star hotel in Toarmina. Just next to the beautiful gardens and a 10 minute walk to the gorgeous centre of Sicily’s most famous hilltop town. A room with a view is a must.

Website Hotel Villa Belvedere

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Hotels: Nh Collection. Taormina

NH Collection Taormina with just 63 rooms. feels like a space of airs and views and vistas. A massive renovation recently, style is Modern,  high technology evident,  A swimming pool over the lobby..The glass ever present its just really there to show of the Gem, The view! Its the best and highest view of Taormina in a hotel of this level. Location means  you feel that you are somewhat out of the fray. Rooms at entry level are too small so think Premium sea view room and up, thats about 27 metres. Very pleased to be working with them.

Nh Collection Taormina Website

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Hotel: Villa Neri Resort & Spa, Linguaglossa



Villa Neri Resort & Spa is set among the vineyards and olive groves of the beautiful Sicilian countryside with spectacular views of Mt. Etna and the surrounding hills. It is located in Linguaglossa, which is on the slopes of Mt. Etna and only a 25-minute drive to Taormina.

This structure attracts a wealthy, new rich set and there is always a lot of ‘car porn’ parked out front. Perfect for getting straight out in the vineyards. Rooms are clean lines and subtle, super massages and Spa treatments also up for grabs. Its amazing.

Website Villa Neri Resort & Spa

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Hotel: Monaci delle Terre Nere, Etna


Superb, extremely high end rural stay on the sloop overlooking the bay of Naxos and Taormina. Well placed for Etna touring and getting out to Taormina and Catania. Almost all the food produced for the onsite is made at this estate. Some very private small villa type lodging being our preference in which you find high design with rustic finishes that work.  Perfect for unwinding, views are a delight, wine list  excellent, and all round quality is all top noche.

Website Monaci delle Terre Nere

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Donna Carmela, Carruba


Equidistant from Taormina and Catania this beautiful new build is part of the family that owns the spectacular Pietradolce winery, currently in its final phases of development on Etna. We like the people and the rooms, but more than that the food is superb, especially Sunday lunch.

Website Donna Carmela

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Donnafugata Golf and Resort Spa, Ragusa


Close to Ragusa  and the most sumptuous grounds and 2 courses you could imagine. Non golfers are going to feel right at home here in this magnificent nobles home lovingly owned and restored by the Luxury Collection of NH hotels.

Website Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa

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Hotel: Villa Nautica, Ragusa Sicily

Villa Nautica. You will not find such open and uninterrupted views over the south east coast of Sicily anywhere.

Without doubt our Favorite Villa in the south east of Sicily with prices that are totally accessible as long as you are outside August.

No neighbours to speak of. Totally modern clean and minimalistic design, Fully equipped kitchen.

Sleeps 10 but really, 8 is comfortable.

As they say in Real estate Location Location Location and Villa Nautica has this in spades

All the fantastic late baroque towns are all just 20 minutes drive away through Sicilys Countryside with the suggestive dry stone walls
Modica, Scicli, Ragusa Ibla.

This is the most sort after of the Villas in the region so please book in advance.



Riofavara, Ispica


Riofavara in Ispica, is our go to winemaker in the zone. Biological wines with outstanding whites, and brilliant examples of Nero D’avola and blends. We adore Massimo and his family. Four delightful rooms ideally placed for our wine touring. It’s like joining the family.

Website Riofavara

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Tasca d’Almerita, Sclafani Bagni


It does not get more noble than Regaleali.  This is where fine wine making really began in Sicily. Outstanding estate with more history than you can imagine. One night does not do it justice. Two night minimum and their cooking school here is also one of the best in Sicily.

Website Tasca d’Almerita

Hotel: Villa Athena, Agrigento


Villa Athena is the only five star hotel in the Valley of the Temples. It is located at just 200 meters from the Temple of the Concordia, a doric masterpiece that dates to the 05th-century BC. Villa Athena enjoys the most wonderful views. It is a small lodge with just 18 rooms and 6 suites. The rooms are not huge and all differ, as it was built originally as a private villa. Food is excellent. Villa Athena is the perfect choice.

Website Villa Athena

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Planeta Estate – La Foresteria, Menfi


La Foresteria is a country get away under the the excellent Planeta Brand, beautiful and peaceful with a wonderful pool and a chef who really knows what he is doing. With its location in the west of Sicily, Marsala and Trapani are all easy to reach in the day. We actually prefer to use it as a place just to relax pre or post your wine and food adventures with us.

Website Planeta Estate – La Foresteria

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Hotel: Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, Palermo


Grand Hotel Villa Igiea is history personified in Palermo. It was built for the extremely wealthy merchants of the Florio’s family, who still reign in many zones with the production of Marsala and a whole host of other business interests. This is the grand dame of Sicily in so many ways. Some outstanding design features of the Belle Epoque/New Liberty give a truly romantic feeling. The location is outstanding: we can get out of Palermo so easily without having to enter into the centre, but we can also reach the centre in ten/fifteen minutes at most in rush hours. The restaurant has old school service with outstanding local products and more waiters than you know what to do with, but in a lovely non-obsequious way. The great and good have stayed here. I hope you will join us in letting this be the perfect end to your adventure in Sicily.

Website Grand Hotel Villa Igiea

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