Welcome to this page where we list the hotels we really like in Rome for 2019. Think of this page as a first selection there are 2,500 hotels and we cannot nor do want to know them all.

Naturally you may have a recommendation or other choice, no problem, we can give you our earnest opinion on the structure and you are free to work with the hotels you prefer no problem. Getting hotels to care in Rome is hard, these are our results of ongoing investigation and we are always keeping things fresh.

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Hotel: Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, Rome

The location of Aldrovandi is utterly perfect to enjoy the mythical gardens of Villa Borghese and to be away from the crowds and heat of Rome. The gorgeous communal areas, lovely pool and gardens are a delight and if you have time to enjoy this hotel we think it makes total sense or it is also a great choice for those who know Rome already.

Website Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

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Hotel: Casa Montani. Rome

Casa Montani, a small and perfectly formed luxurious B&B  run and owned by Guiseppe and Carlotta the owners, with just 5 bedrooms and two brand new apartments. Fantastically Located 1 minute from Plaza del Popolo, the original gateway to Rome and the entrance to the Borghese Gardens. The facilities and decoration reflect their attention to detail and superb continental breakfast is served in the room is a lovely plus. Memory foam beds and the softest of pillows and total sound proofing ensure a very comfortable stay. Housed on the third floor of a beautiful building with furniture and fabrics from the best Italian and French brands and commissioned furniture, each room is unique.  Being so small we suggest booking early. The feeling is very personal and intimate.

Website Casa Montani

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Hotel: Grand Hotel de la Minerve, Rome

This incredible 16th-century palace in the very heart of the old part of Rome is one of the Grand Dames. Apart from the Absolutely perfect location, the atrium bar, the roof top garden and the terrace are all great spaces to relax, read a book or enjoy a glass of wine. You will see the Pantheon’s roof from your room if we choose the rooms we like. Rooms are stylish but not form over function, this is also not a chain and we love female GM who cares and is ever present.

This is the best place to go out and stroll around Old Rome, if you are short on time and want to be close to it all, you cannot get better.

Website Grand Hotel de la Minerve

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Hotel: De Russie, Rome

This is one of the best hotels in Rome, very expensive and also attracting a certain type of clientele. The garden courtyard is a wonderful haven of quiet and sophistication. Location is superb, high end shopping central. It attracts a lot of high level media and politicos. Rooms are modern with muted colors and beautiful art placed around the rooms and corridors as in all Roccos wifes’ interiors. Location is great, just a few steps from the Piazza del Popolo, one of Rome’s most regal squares.

Website Hotel de Russie

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Hotel: Lord Byron, Rome

Located close to the magnificent gardens of Villa Borghese and outside the central buzz of Rome, this is a gem of a hotel. There are not many Italian owned and run great hotels left in Rome now: this is one and you can note it from the moment you arrive. The Art Deco & Belle Epoque touches are a real delight. It is small, intimate and very well priced five stars stay in Rome. Communal spaces are great, such as the Salotto Lounge & Wine Bar effortlessly cool, giving it a private club like feel. Very loyal clientele.

Website Lord Byron

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Hotel: Raphaël, Rome

In the very heart of Rome, just a few meters from one of the most beautiful and renowned squares of Rome (Piazza Navona). The Raphaël is a veritable museum of art, paintings, lithographs, sculptures and antiquarian artifacts. Rooms are in two styles: modern and traditional. We like both. From 2010 the Raphaël joined the prestigious “family” of the Relais & Chateaux.

Website Raphaël

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Hotel: D.O.M. Rome

DOM. The sister hotel to Palazzo Dama which we also like, DOM is set in a 17th Century aristocratic palace it offers 5 star services and rooms at a very fair if not 4 star price. Its position in Via Giulia close to Bernini’s Ponte Sant’Angelo taking you to the Vatican you are in Old Rome and perfectly placed for Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese, Trastevere and the Jewish quarter.

The hotel D.O.M has numerous  art and design pieces  a small cocktail bar but none of the communal areas are large. We do like the roof terrace where cocktails are served and its a great place to gaze over the terracotta roofs and imagine Rome and its history.  We love the size of DOM with just 18 rooms and suites – all overlooking Via Giulia one of Romes’ most aristocratic ancient streets. For wandering around ancient Rome this is a great pick and all the rooms enjoy privacy and great quality sleep.  Rooms are sophisticated golds and bronzes with silks and deep leather chairs to sink into. Like its sister Hotel Palazzo Dama this suits a younger traveller who does not need the services of a larger 5 star traditional hotel.

DOM Website

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Hotel: Donna Camilla Savelli, Rome

Housed in a beautifully restored 17th-century monastery designed by Borromini (a major figure in Roman Baroque architecture), the Donna Camilla Savelli is located just over a bridge from the heart of old Rome and immersed in the bohemian district of Trastevere. The 76 rooms and suites are sober in decoration very much in harmony with the monastic concept of the historic building. The magnificent view of Rome from the panoramic roof terrace is too much of a treat to miss. Not a luxury stay, but one of the cleverest choices around. You will not feel like a tourist here. We do recommend the premiere suite with terrace, if you can justify it.

Website Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli

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