Here is our first selection of accommodations in Puglia & Basilicata for 2019.


We prefer to build long term relationships with just a few lodges as opposed to offer everything in a territory. If we do not know the structure you are interested in we can very quickly find out about it and what our colleagues in our business say about it.

We don't show prices due to the fact that there are three pricing seasons and the prices get outdated quickly. If you are planning on coming for 7 nights then we also would like to think about renting a villa or Trullo for you. This can very expensive especially if you are only two, however If it is a trip of lifetime (E.G. Honeymoon/Wedding Anniversary ) then these incredible stays do come in all shapes and forms and prices.

We tend to use as few hotels per trip as possible when travelling as packing and unpacking all the time is arduous and you can lose the relaxation factor quickly and thats what these regions offer. The other thing to note is the countryside is so suggestive

It is also important to note that while most of these structures are open year round some may be less suitable than others in the low season.

So what are our thoughts on how long to spend and where.

Northern Puglia and the Gargano. We can reach this zone in the Day from Bari or Trani but it is a long day. Vieste, San Severo are all of interest and if time allows we can build a 3  night itinerary here.

Trani/Bari. Both can be great bases for exploring many parts of Puglia.  Trani is small but a Gem, Bari is big and there is plenty to do. 2/3 nights depending on the Itinerary

Val D' Itria. This is one of the most picturesque and delightful areas of Puglia and Italy and takes in the towns: Alberobello, Locorotondo, Noci,Ceglie Messapica, Cisternino, Fasano, Ostuni and Martina Franca. This is a rustic destination and as such Michelin Stars and 24/7 room service are just not what you should have in your mind. Trulli ancient Apulian small round houses of stone with a conical roof; The superb location of parts of Val D' Itria mean you can use this as a base for your holiday and spread out from there. 7 nights (+)

Leece/ Salento. The Baroque Masterpiece in the Centre of Salento, Lecce is a great stop, the centre is magnificent and ideal for 3 or 4 nights to explore Salento. The very heel of the boot that is Italy is Salento. Wines, Olives and an incredible history.


Puglia's history is somewhat similar to Sicily's with invaders from Greece and Rome, then the Byzantine empire, followed by the Normans, Emperor Frederick II and finally the Spanish, all who have left something for us modern day travellers to Puglia something to enjoy. But it is Frederick II who has left the most in Southern Italy. Be it the Pythagorean mystery of Castello del Monte or the cathedrals of Trani and Bitonto, his mark is everywhere. Puglia is the historical and current powerhouse of winemaking in Italy: combined with Sicily makes up 35% of Italy's wine production. Not only is there wine, but beaches and seafood to die for and the most natural and simple ingredients in any cuisine in Italy. If you have ever wondered why Italians do not travel for their holidays, Puglia is one of the reasons. Wine touring in Puglia is often paired with Basilicata as it makes a lot of sense: two regions but totally different in mentality, wine growing and food. We love the authentic masserias (farmhouses) of the Valle d'Itria or Manduria. There has been an incredible renaissance that Bari and Brindisi have enjoyed in the last 20 years. The gorgeous baroque town of Lecce, the interesting Aragonese fortified town of Otranto and the beautiful fishing port of Gallipoli are all of interest. How long do you need? How long have you got?


 Now let us mention Matera. Matera is where man first stopped in Europe being hunter and gatherer … and settled. When did this happen? Well in the Palaeolithic period of history, which lasted from 2.6 million years ago to 12,000 years ago. Matera is unique and utterly gorgeous. It has just been voted as the cultural capital of Europe for 2019, hugely merited and great news for the whole of Basilicata. Robertson Wine Tours is based here for a reason. It is the Italy we all hanker after: polite, graceful, hardworking with a respect to tradition in their families, food and wine. Sure the pace is slow, life is fast enough elsewhere. It is an honour to work and live here. If you choose to make Basilicata your destination for wine and food always remember you can be in Puglia in minutes, in Naples in a couple of hours and crossing the Messina strait to Sicily in 3 hours.

Basilicata is to be discovered. Wine makers in Basilicata are thrilled to have us in the region and it is our mission to finally put the wines of Basilicata on the wine tourism map. In Basilicata, expect real hospitality, outstanding hand crafted wines, welcoming people and some of the best olive oils in Italy. Basilicata is just beautiful due to the fact that it is 90% hills and mountains. It is almost like Tuscany without the castles and grandeur, but with untouched countryside and cliff hanging villages literally stopped in time. Matera merits a couple of nights in any itinerary and is a great base for us to show you the Vulture, the spectacular town of Venosa, the castle of Melfi and the wine cellars of Barile (UNESCO Heritage Site).

Matera. Is a great stop and ideal for 1/4 nights to explore Parts of Puglia and Basilicata.  There are some other places in Basilicata that can work too, but we consider Matera unmissable.

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Hotel Oriente, Bari


Regal Bari, great for shopping at the end or start of your Puglia tour. The best hotel in town at surprisingly good prices, wonderful rooftop bar.

Website Hotel Oriente

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Hotel: Mantatelure Exclusive B&B, Lecce

Lecce almost always is included on any itinerary for Puglia. The more time we spend in Lecce, the more we uncover. Mantatelurè is Marco’s (the owner) dream, a fashionista who enjoys welcoming people into the wonderful space he has created. With an outstanding terrace with orchard and some beautifully thought out communal areas, we are happy to be able to offer this property. The location is in the old town of Lecce, but totally tucked away. You will feel like a local as soon as the gate shuts behind you and you venture into one of the most important expressions of the Baroque Art in Southern Italy. The rooms are wonderfully equipped and stylish without interfering with utility. Breakfast is a delight. There are no other food services available. This is a small property and we do not envisage any noise or fellow guests to interfere with your stay.

Website Mantatelure

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Hotel: Santa Chiara, Lecce

 Santa Chiara is a 4-star boutique hotel located in Lecce’s historical centre, 100 metres from the cathedral. The roof garden on the 4th floor has a bar, outdoor seating and views of the historic centre.

We like the rooms higher up which insulates you from any street noise, as Leece is famously active at night. The rooms are elegantly decorated with  browns and creams with plenty of silk everywhere, its a traditional style that blends beautifully with the buildings architecture,  most rooms have a delightful view out on the square and a church so its an ideal position. They are all air conditioned and feature free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. Most bathrooms have the walk in Scottish showers which Italians love so much.

Hotel Santa Chiara has a 24-hour reception and serves a traditional breakfast  on the wonderful closed roof terrace with  local pastries and a great selection of breads and juices. If you want a large cooked breakfast its possible but you will pay this is apart. This hotel would suit clients who prefer a smaller and more intimate hotel, which has traditional design and friendly staff.

Santa Chiara Website

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Hotel: Masseria Astore, Cutrofiano


One of our favourite wineries in Puglia, the rooms have been lovingly restored and the owners still live upstairs in their apartments. This is a real and authentic working winery with olive oil production.

Website Masseria Astore

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Hotel: Risorgimento Resort, Lecce

This is the classic hotel of Lecce with a modern internal vibe, we like the rooms at the front and they have a superb wine cave where we make some very special dinners.

Its not really a 5 star hotel but the prices reflect that, Lecce has a very vibrant night life but sleep quality here is excellent.

Website Risorgimento Resort

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Hotel: Masseria Montenapoleone, Valle d’Itria

Masseria Montenapoleone is a fortified farmhouse of 1600, carefully renovated in a period of ten years. This is, in our opinion, the most authentic masseria in Puglia. It is a unique property that is not only surrounded by nature, but you have the gorgeous sea of the Adriatic Coast just one mile away or just ten minutes by bike. The level of detail in the rooms is wonderful: nothing is out of place, rustic and very charming. All the rooms have central heating and air conditioning, comfortable sofas and outside terraces to enjoy a wine or a book. Communal areas are gorgeous and there is a swimming pool area that hits all the buttons. Breakfast is exceptionally natural and zerometre sourced, this is a working farm. What is so lovely about the stay at Masseria Montenapoleone is the contact with the nature. As soon as you cross into the property through its impressive gates, you step into an ecological oasis: the colours, the palms, the vineyards are all in tune. This is, in fact, an ecological and sustainable lodge with organic certification. A substantial amount of the produce enjoyed by the guests comes from the farmhouse’s own production. This is the best farmhouse in Puglia: come and find out why.

Website Masseria Montenapoleone

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Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort, Matera

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort is blessed with an enchanting view over the very heart of the Sassi of Matera. The hotel is the result of a massive restoration process that involved cave-dwellings, buildings, stairs and courtyards, creating a new concept of lodging. Rooms are scatted all over with one restaurant and reception providing the two hubs of Sant’Angelo Resort. This is a great example of the Albergo Diffuso concept at its absolute finest. Stefano Tardito, the Italian interior designer, has giving elegance, charm and high design, but with functionality. At breakfast or in one of the suites with terrace, you can enjoy a panoramic view overlooking the square of San Pietro Caveoso. Renewed with touches of luxury within ancient rustic spaces. Dinner here is the best in Matera. Our choice in Matera.

Website Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort

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Hotel in Pietra, Matera

How often do you get to stay in a deconsecrated church built into the rock and latterly expanding to become an important local scholastic monastery? Roberto (the owner) has branched off on his own to bring something really quite unique. The mainstay of the property is the massively high central part of the church that has been turned into a wonderful sitting room, reception and place to enjoy the breakfast. Rooms are all very different, some gigantic suites, some smaller rooms that have their own terrace with one of the most commanding views over the Sassi. Breakfast is served buffet style with all the local sweet and savoury delights world travellers come to expect. There are no other food services in the day, but you have a great choice of lunching and dining options at walking distance. This is a place to contemplate and understand why Matera has been voted the European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Website Hotel in Pietra

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Palazzo Gattini, Matera


This is Matera’s only 5 star Luxury hotel and it has a commanding position over the Sassi, delightful spa and a wonderful breakfast complete the whole stately affair.

Website Palazzo Gattini

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Hotel: Masseria del Mezzano, Montescaglioso


Contrada Carmignano – 75024 Montescaglioso (MT)

Phone number:

[email protected]


Hotel: Masseria Cardillo, Bernalda


Annual production:
50.000 bottles

Top Wines:
Tittà ‘05

Vigna Giadi ‘06


SS407, km 97,5 – 75012 Bernalda (MT)

Phone number:

[email protected]


Hotel: Masseria Torre Fiore, Pisticci


Masseria Torre Fiore is an ancient fort outside Pisticci in Basilicata. Just  11 miles from the Ionian Sea. It offers an infinity pool, free Wi-Fi, and panoramic views of the town and of the Clay Calanque hills which you can see from the gorgeous pool and Restaurant. The Restaurant is also a massive draw as the chef, Nicola a Native of Matera has traveller the world cooking and speaks great english too. Nicola is a great asset to the Masseria as he buys everything locally from the farmers and fisherman daily. He has his own vegetables and like Palazzo Margherita near by, they are only showing products and recipes of the zone. We love this and the fact they are so dedicated to the traditions of the Land, nowhere but Italy has this connection between the food and the land. The owners lovingly restored this property having had massive real estate experiences in Canada and are owners of other hotels chain in the World. A fine eye is kept on everything and we like the management’s loose but  personable style. All rooms are different and some have little kitchens too for those who want to stay longer. For us it is an ideal site to explore Craco the deserted Hilltop village, Matera and the surroundings. The Masseria’s rooms are seriously large and all feature flat-screen TV, iPod docking station, and marble bathroom with  walk in showers.Indoor and outdoor lounges are available at the Torre Fiore Hotel Masseria. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas. There are plenty of spots just to chillax in and around and the bar and wine cellar are well stocked with local wines. For us Masseria Torre Fiore offers a space to be, take it easy for a few days. Prices are good and we know you will be well looked after.

Masseria Torre Fiore website

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Palazzo Margherita, Bernalda


Fairy tale property lovingly resorted and run by Francis Ford Coppola whose family came from Bernalda. Expensive and attracts high-level Americans looking for a quaint and quiet stay. Delightful to recover from a jetlag or idea for honeymooners.

Website Palazzo Margherita

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