For Robertson Wine Tours the pursuit of a really meaningful travel means getting involved in the local culture of a specific region or a country as quickly as you can. RWT will offer you a completely unique tour service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and food that you will never forget. Our guides have all proven themselves with years of experience, wonderful personalities and of course in depth knowledge of their subjects. Most of all ... we want to enable you to have an amazing and unforgettable tour by sharing with you the insights and the things we most love: food, wines and a great company in world class settings. We will use tasting techniques, sensory and vertical tasting which all contribute to fulfil your wine tourism experience … but drinking, enjoying and discussing the wines and the food is of course the main event. So to summarize the main objective of this tour is for you to taste very interesting wines (not just the most expensive or famous) and gain a great understanding of Piemonte and the local food in the time you have available.


The reason for choosing us is very simple: we are wine lovers and want to share with you our insights and the things we love most: outstanding wines with excellent food, great company and stunning landscapes. Our objective is for you to gain a great understanding of Italy and its people while tasting amazing wines and superb cuisine in the time you have available. RWT has over 10 years of experience and excellence. Italy is a country you can return to often, so let us try to show it to you from a new perspective: through its foods and wines. Many of our guests have been to other great wine regions in the world. Italy sometimes surprises our guests with what appears to be backward technology and time tested winemaking techniques, which seem to be in such contradiction to all the New World's winemaking bells and whistles. It is fascinating to speak to winemakers about their perspective on the wines of Italy, the wine industry and global markets.

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Testimonial – Piedmont – Luxury Wine and Food Experience – 9 Nights

I was in an Italian restaurant here at home the other night, and as I picked up the wine list I KNEW that I could knowledgeably make a selection — at least from the Piedmont wines on the list! Thank you Tim Robertson for teaching me so much about Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera wines!

I highly recommend arranging a tour through Robertson Wine Tours Tours. In the fall of 2013 three of us enjoyed a ten day custom tour with Tim and his local wine expert, Paul Balke, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Although two of us speak halting Italian, none had ever been to Piedmont. We chose Robertson because we did not want a large “tour;” we wanted a specialized itinerary. We wanted to do wine tasting, have cooking classes and also explore some of the beauty of Piedmont. Tim helped us arrange for all these things.

First, the wines. We focussed on the Langhe region, and with Paul’s assistance, were able to visit many small wineries that we would never have been able to see on our own. Between Paul, Tim and the hosts at the wineries, we were in good hands and gained extensive knowledge about local winemaking. From small, family owned wineries where our guides were the owners themselves, to larger well-established vintners, we got a broad range of wine experiences.

Second, the cooking classes Robertson arranged for us were a lot more fun than we had expected, and were taught by well-known, experienced working chefs. The focus of course was food from the region and we learned not just how to cook these dishes, but about the history and origins of the food in Piedmont and in other regions of Italy.

On Lake Orta, Robertson arranged for a charming local guide for us, who was very flexible about what we wanted to see and do. We said good-bye to Tim when we arrived there, but had a lovely last two days with our new guide. Through it all, Robertson made the planning easy by reserving for us the best hotels, and guiding us toward the best restaurants.

Robertson provides the personal touch that big tour operators simply can’t do. I highly recommend designing a tour in Italy with Tim, especially if learning something about wine and food is also on the agenda!!

Kathryn Vizas

San Francisco CA USA / October 2013

At the end of a long trying day in the office, a stroll through my local wine shop here in non-descript american town USA, I scream out in joy spotting on the shelf a bottle of Forteto de Luja’s 2009 La Grive… the sales clerk looks up at me in … I guess fear – “I’ve been here!” I yell. I’ve been here! I start to tell her all about Marco, his farm, his designation from the world wildlife federation because of the orchids and the truffles and the butterflies and the….. she thinks i’m crazy….

But here again, I know I am so overdue in sending my testimonial and note of sincere thanks & gratitude to Robertson Wine Tours for the best – vacation, experience, week – of my life to date.

I spent 10 days last October traveling in the Piedmont region of Italy under an itinerary designed for my party by RWT. I was skeptical at first, as I’d never done such a thing… was our trip too scheduled? Would there be enough down time? What if there was something specific I wanted to do that wasn’t planned for – would i be able to do it? Would it be too much wine?? (While in principle I don’t believe there is such a thing as too much wine – I recognize i’m not a wine connoisseur and a tour like this might be above my wine sophistication – particularly with the focus in Piedmont where a more sophisticated palate may be necessary to truly appreciate the rich and complex varietals….)

But the time spent by Tim & his team getting to know us, understand our interests and wishes in a vacation proved invaluable to give us exactly the perfect mix of what we were looking for – history, culture, sightseeing, food, food, food, wine, wine, wine, wine and wine.

For the sophisticated wine connoisseur undoubtedly the expertise, as well as the connections with the vineyards, that we witnessed from Tim and his colleagues in Italy delivered a wine experience second to none. From the selection of vineyards to the quality of interactions with Tim & team & the winemakers- the trip was fit for the most expert among us and allowed access to experiences we would not have had were we traveling on our own. My step mother spends parts of her year in the Napa Valley and has a comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge of wine – she was looking to see, taste and purchase new and interesting things and the trip far exceeded her expectations with the interesting variety of wineries we visited – each unique from each other and from experiences you’d find elsewhere.

But what I was most impressed by is that somehow the tour met the needs of everyone in my party from my step mom the expert, to me – an avid wine enjoyer and lover of all things Italy (but who’d never spent time in the Piedmont region and doesn’t know a ton about wine), seeking to learn and understand more about it all. To my younger cousin, who grew up in a small town and had never left the states. For her first trip abroad to be on a tour of this nature rather than your more commonly traveled Rome, Venice, Florence etc. was somewhat of a risk to take. From our first night meeting Tim he – and his team – somehow were able to connect with each of us, and make us each feel like we were experiencing a tour molded to our own needs and own perspective. Tim and his colleague – a wine expert in Piedmont who literally wrote the book on Piedmont wines – were neither condescending and dismissive to those of us who were less knowledgeable in wine, nor did they dumb-down our tour to solve to the lowest common denominator. They treated us all as if we had the same expertise and worth in the journey and through this we were all able to get the most out of the experience. The wineries we visited, mostly small and family owned – were each gems in their own right and after days of wine tasting still stand out separate and unique from each other rather than the blur i often have when recalling a trip to Napa.

And finally, the non-wine attributes of the trip – the cooking classes, city tours, exquisite restaurants we never would have found on our own – were clearly planned with care and attention specific to our own unique needs and not routine accommodations made for all visitors to the region…. this was a truly remarkable experience in which I was made to feel like dear friends who knew me well had designed a dream vacation specific to my interests where i drank the best possible drink, ate the best possible food, met and engaged with fantastic, warm, engaging locals and learned history and toured towns with remarkable guides (matteo in Torino; elena around the lakes), who let me in to pieces of italian history and culture that i would not have otherwise seen.

Contrary to my initial reservations about being scheduled and having too much wine- I left for home feeling as if I had seen and done everything – our days were packed with experiences – but also rested, relaxed and happy at the same time. I wanted many more days of wine and of course that piemontese food. We simply couldn’t have done this on our own. Would hire Tim & team to take me anywhere in the world, on a trip of their design.

Katie Visas

Atlanta. USA 11/3/2014

Hotel: Grand Hotel Sitea, Turin

Grand Hotel Sitea is located right in the middle of cobbled pavements with no car access in front of the hotel, which makes it perfect for walking straight out into the heart of Turin. It is literally in the centre of it all. It is the perfect base for visiting the historical centre and the shopping area. It is also within a short distance of Porta Nuova Train Station from where you can take a shuttle bus to the airport or a train. The atmosphere is quiet and serene after the breakfast and check out, but generally there is a great little buzz. The rooms are well-protected noise wise, the staff polite and efficient. The service in the hotel is excellent: concierge and front desk mainly. Although small, it is obvious that all staff has been carefully trained: everyone in every capacity we have come across is gracious and efficient. The other aspect of this hotel that we like is the fact that there are both contemporary and classic style floors meaning we can provide for most of our clients. Breakfast is very well done and we think it is the perfectly formed hotel.

Website Grand Hotel Sitea

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Hotel: Villa Beccaris, Monforte d’Alba

Villa Beccaris is an 18th century villa restored to original splendour and perched above the village of Monforte d’Alba with fantastic views over the town and the countryside. It has a gorgeous swimming pool overlooking the surroundings. The personnel is outstanding. Funny fact to know is that they change their outfits every year according to the prevalent chosen atmosphere. The best area in the hotel is the breakfast room, which in itself is beautiful, but also overlooks the valley below, the Alps & Mont Blanc, and has a great buffet selection with many cakes, local breads and cheeses. Recently, they have opened a wine bar/restaurant that is just a few minutes away from the hotel and is as amazing as the hotel itself. At Villa Beccaris, you feel at home with every possible bit of comfort. It is a place of total quietness to enjoy and relax. At the top of the borgo of Monforte d’Alba, which is quiet a steep hill, this is our favourite hotel. Everything from the staff to the rooms to the breakfast is a delight.

Website Hotel Villa Beccaris

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Hotel: Villa Crespi, Lago d’Orta

This is the real thing: a classic and unique villa with a wonderful service and fabulous restaurant all adjacent to the most beautiful unspoilt lake of Northern Italy: Lago di Orta. It is the perfect base to visit some of the countryside around this lake and just a short walk takes you to the path that allows you to walk on the water’s edge and taking a dip. The rooms are filled with period antiques, comfortable beds and have lovely views over the lake and surroundings. The breakfast is a highlight with a huge range of choices catering for all tastes. If weather allows, we recommends having breakfast outside on the terrace. For dinner? Just try what the chef recommends, including the wines. This is a glorious gourmet experience.

Website Villa Crespi

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Tour Outline & Guiding – Piedmont – Luxury Wine and Food Experience – 9 Nights


DAY 1 – Arrival

DAY 2 – Cooking Experience & Turin

DAY 3 – Welcome Wine Tasting

DAY 4 – Wineries of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba

DAY 5 – Wineries of Barbaresco

DAY 6 – Wineries of Monferrato

DAY 7 – Wineries of Gattinara

DAY 8 – Cooking Class & Lago d’Orta

DAY 9 – Cooking Class & Lago Maggiore

DAY 10 – Departure


Matteo in Turin,

Tim in the Langhe Region

Tim was born in the UK and is of Scottish descent. Tim was introduced to fine wines in 1988 when he worked for Sakagura Wine & Liquor … part of Intercontinental Group in Hong Kong. He was responsible for selling their collection of Bordeaux Wines and other top quality new world wines, probably the best collection in Asia at that time. He never quite recovered from tasting the very best at early age of 18. However, he went on to complete his studies in Economics and Business. He was unable to find a suitably well-paid job in wine in London and so embarked on a career in finance. He decided to leave finance in 1998 to refocus on finding a project involving his love: the wine. He inaugurated Robertson Wine Tours (RWT) in 2003. The business has grown organically over the years and despite efforts to get involved in exporting he has stuck to the tried and tested formula of offering his clients the best the wine countries have to offer. The client base of RWT is rightly demanding of the best, extremely well travelled and generally with knowledge of wine.

Tour Day by Day – Piedmont – Luxury Wine and Food Experience – 9 Nights

PANORAMIItaly, Piedmont, Turin, Piazza San CarloTurin07b

DAY 1: Arrival

Arriving at Turin Airport

Private Transfer to Turin with Bilingual Driver Arrival & Check In at Grand Hotel Sitea
Sightseeing and Shopping free time
08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Enoteca Parlapà
Please Note: Transport not included / 30-Minute Walk or 10-Minute Taxi Drive

Sleep at Grand Hotel Sitea

DAY 2: Cooking Experience & Turin

09:45 AM Departure from Grand Hotel Sitea with Bilingual Driver

10:00 AM Cooking Experience at La Palestra del Cibo with Chef Sergio Maria Teutonico
Lunch Included with Wines Based on Your Creations
01:30 PM Reception at La Palestra del Cibo with Matteo
4-Hour Guided City Tour of Turin
05:30 PM Arrival at Grand Hotel Sitea
08:30 PM Departure from Grand Hotel Sitea with Bilingual Driver
09:00 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Ristorante Combal Zero
11:30 PM Arrival at Grand Hotel Sitea

Sleep at Grand Hotel Sitea

Turin05bTrattoria della Posta Rest03Cisa Asinari03

DAY 3: Welcome Wine Tasting

Morning Free Sightseeing Turin

Lunch Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant of Your Choice in Turin
Afternoon Free Sightseeing Turin
07:00 PM Welcome reception at Grand Hotel Sitea with Tim Robertson
Welcome Wine Tasting at Grand Hotel Sitea
08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Included with Wines at Ristorante Primo Senso
Please Note: At Walking Distance

Sleep at Grand Hotel Sitea

DAY 4: Wineries of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba

09:00 AM Check Out & Departure from Grand Hotel Sitea with  Tim Robertson

10:30 AM Visit & Wine Tasting at Parusso Winery
12:30 PM Lunch Included with Wines at Le Torri Restaurant 
03:00 PM Visit & Wine Tasting at Elio Altare Winery 
05:00 PM Visit & Wine Tasting at Elio Grasso Winery 
07:00 PM Arrival & Check In at Villa Beccaris 
08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Ristorante Le Case della Saracca
Please Note: At Walking Distance

Sleep at Villa Beccaris

Elio Altare02Marchesi di Barolo04Bruno Rocca02

DAY 5: Wineries of Barbaresco

10:00 AM Departure from Villa Beccaris with Tim Robertson

10:30 AM Visit & Wine Tasting at Marchesi di Gresy Winery
01:00 PM Lunch Included with Wines at Antinè Restaurant
03:30 PM Visit & Wine Tasting at Bruno Rocca Winery
05:30 PM Arrival at Villa Beccaris
08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Ristorante Da Felicin
Please Note: At Walking Distance

Sleep at Villa Beccaris

DAY 6: Wineries of Monferrato

Departure from Villa Beccaris with  Tim Robertson

Visit & Wine Tasting at Piero Gatti Winery
Lunch included with wines at La Casa nel Bosco Restaurant
02:30 PM Visit & Wine Tasting at Forteto della Luja Winery
05:00 PM Visit & Wine Tasting of at Scagliola Winery 
7.30 Arrival at Villa Beccaris

Dinner not included a la Carte at local restaurant in Monforte d’Alba

Sleep at Villa Beccaris

Bruno Rocca04Monforte d'Alba05OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

DAY 7: Wineries of Gattinara

09:00 AM Departure & Check Out from Villa Beccaris with Tim Robertson

11:00 AM Visit & Wine Tasting at Travaglini Winery
01:00 PM Lunch Included with Wines at Ristorante Villa Paolotti
04:30 PM Arrival & Check In at Villa Crespi
Farewell tea with Tim Robertson
Private Transfer to Orta San Giulio
Dinner included with wines at Villa Crespi Restaurant

Sleep at Villa Crespi

DAY 8: Cooking Class & Lago d’Orta

09:00 AM Departure from Villa Crespi with Bilingual Driver

10:00 AM Cooking Experience at Ristorante Le Isole / Villa Aminta with Chef Giuseppe Vigna
Lunch Included with Wines Based on Your Creations
02:00 PM Recepction at Ristorante Le Isole / Villa Aminta with Elena 4-Hour Guided Visit of Lago d’Orta
06:00 PM Arrival at Villa Crespi
i08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Villa Crespi Restaurant

Sleep at Villa Crespi

Lago d'Orta05bCase della Saracca Rest02Lago Maggiore03b

DAY 9: Cooking Class & Lago Maggiore

10:00 AM Cooking Experience at Villa Crespi with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuol

Lunch Included Based on Your Creations
Sightseeing Lago Maggiore with Expert Local Guide
Please Note: Drinks Not Included
02:00 PM Departure from Villa Crespi with Elena 4-Hour Guided Visit of Lago Maggiore
06:00 PM Arrival at Villa Crespi
08:30 PM Reserved Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Villa Crespi Restaurant

Sleep at Villa Crespi

DAY 10: Departure

07:00 AM Check Out & Departure from Villa Crespi with Bilingual Driver

Private Transfer to Malpensa Airport

 End of Services


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