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We have designed this tour with your precise instructions very much taken in account. We will start the day at 10 AM each morning, setting a relaxed a pace. We will always have some extra winery visits or tastings on hand should you want to do and see more, but we know from experience what is possible and what is not. We will only be able to have one tasting prior to lunch and we will book two in the afternoon after lunch and if we can make a final visit then we will. Lunches and dinners have been structured so that you are not overeating or eating too early at night. As you know you have one of Piedmont's great guides and not only in wine so you will have an entre into the region like few others. All in all this is a very marvellous wine and gourmet extravaganza. There is time for sightseeing as you asked and the whole area being so suggestive with the valleys, amphitheatres to wine, the castles and the delightful borgos (hilltop towns). For Robertson Wine Tours the pursuit of a really meaningful travel means getting involved in the local culture of a specific region or a country as quickly as you can. We will offer you a completely unique tour service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and food you will never forget. Our guides have all proven themselves with years of experience, wonderful personalities and of course in depth knowledge of their subjects. Most of all ... we really want to enable you to have an amazing and unforgettable tour by sharing with you the insights and the things we most love: food, wines and a great company in world class settings. We will use tasting techniques, sensory and vertical tastings which all contribute to fulfil your wine tourism experience … but drinking, enjoying and discussing the wines and food is of course the main event. So to summarize the main objective of this tour is for you to taste very interesting wines (not just the most expensive or famous) and gain a great understanding of Piedmont and the local cuisine in the time you have. Once again we thank you for this opportunity for you to enjoy Piedmont & the Langhe Region with us and we are confident you will have a perfect time.


The reason for choosing us is very simple: we are wine lovers and want to share with you our insights and the things we love most: outstanding wines with excellent food, great company and stunning landscapes. Our objective is for you to gain a great understanding of Italy and its people while tasting amazing wines and superb cuisine in the time you have available. RWT has over 10 years of experience and excellence. Italy is a country you can return to often, so let us try to show it to you from a new perspective: through its foods and wines. Many of our guests have been to other great wine regions in the world. Italy sometimes surprises our guests with what appears to be backward technology and time tested winemaking techniques, which seem to be in such contradiction to all the New World's winemaking bells and whistles. It is fascinating to speak to winemakers about their perspective on the wines of Italy, the wine industry and global markets.

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