Wine & Food Experience in Northern Portugal: Douro, Porto & Bairrada Valley


Robertson Wine Tours for Elizabeth Lutton and the Texas Wine Society:  October 2019


​​The pursuit of a meaningful travel for Robertson Wine Tours means getting involved in the local culture of a specific region or a country as quickly as you can. Robertson Wine Tours will offer you a completely unique tour service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and food that you will never forget. Our guides have proven themselves with years of experience, wonderful personalities and of course in depth knowledge of their subjects. Most of all, we want to enable you to have an amazing and unforgettable tour by sharing with you the insights and things we most love: food, wines and great company in world-class settings. We will use different tasting techniques, which all contribute to fulfil your wine tourism experience. But tasting, enjoying and discussing the wines and food is of course the main event. To summarise, the main objective of this tour is for you to taste very interesting wines (not just the most expensive or the famous) and gain a great understanding of the places you are going to visit in the time you have available.


Dear Elizabeth and the Texas Wine Society, this is a first look at how things could look for you and your small group after you have finished your river cruise which no doubt it has a wine theme to it! We have put this together to allow you an overview of not only Douro but also the Bairrada Valley. We also thought it would useful to enjoy your time on Monday 7th October post the Grahams Port Experience by making a tasting of other regions of Portugal and an overview of the whole wine industry followed by a brilliant farewell dinner.

Table of contents

Tour Guiding & Outline – Northern Portugal-Elizabeth Lutton and the Texas Wine Society



Ryan has been living in Iberia for 11 years working in the wine industry as a  blogger, keynote speaker, wine judge and consultant to top wineries from all over Europe. Today, he lives in Porto, Portugal, with his wife and two years old son helping visitors fall in love with the landscapes, the wines and the foods of Portugal & Spain. In 2016, he became a knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood for his tireless devotion to promoting the Port Wine. Ryan is also a very passionate photographer who will have his work featured in a 300 page book about the foods of Northern Portugal.


DAY 01:   Saturday 5th October 2019: Wine Experience. Porto / Douro Valley / Porto / Pestana Hotel and other TBC

DAY 02:   Sunday 6th October 2019:   Wine Experience. Porto /Douro Valley / Bairrada Valley / Porto/Pestana Hotel and other TBC

DAY 03:   Monday 7th October 2019:  Wine Experience.  Porto / Grahams Port / Guided tasting and Farewell Dinner in Porto /Pestana Hotel and other TBC

DAY 04:  Tuesday 8th October 2019:   Departure OUT


In this itinerary, we make it clear where meals are included:

(B) Breakfast
(L) Lunch
(D) Dinner 

Tour Day by Day – Northern Portugal – Elizabeth Lutton and the Texas Wine Society


DAY 01: Saturday 5th October 2019 :
Wine Experience. Porto / Douro Valley / Porto / Hotel Pestana Porto


Reception & Departure after meeting your wine expert and Guide Ryan.

We understand there will be two pick ups and drop offs each day at different Hotels in Porto.

From Porto we will move into the heart of Douro to visit our first winery Quevedo.

, a family-owned winery who has redefined Douro wines internationally. Renowned for their warmth and charm, you’ll be given an exceptional private tasting of both their port and still wines. Before Portugal joined the EU they produced grapes and Port to sell to Vila Nova de Gaia. After the legislation allowed them to directly export port wine from their wineries under their own names and to persue new markets this family brand “Quevedo” was created.

The Owners, Oscar Quevedo and Beatriz Morais Quevedo, both come from families with a long and rich history of growing grapes and making Port wine. It was during the 1980′s they really started to increase their production area and in the mid 1990′s they built the winery which is currently the headquarters of Quevedo. Their two children, Cláudia and Oscar are both within the business. Currently Quevedo cultivate 100 hectares of vineyards coming from 6 distinct estates in the Douro valley, in the sub-regions of Cima Corgo and Douro Superior. The diversity of vines and subsequent fruit from different locations and altitudes and soil enables them to blend the grapes with differing aromas and flavors which helps in the creation of extremely complex wines. This Quevedo philosophy that their vineyards need to be in different locations and altitudes and soil have made their wines complex rich and incredible sort after.

Wines to be included in the Tasting:

  • White Port
  • Ruby Port
  • Oscars Port
  • Claudias Port
  • 20 Year Old Tawny Port
  • Colheita Tawny Port

Website: Quevedo Port


Transfer to Lunch in Ervedosa do Douro


Toca da Raposa

Lunch with specially wines will be hosted in Toca da Raposa, a small and delightful restaurant serving excellent modern Portuguese cuisine. Not just a beautiful restaurant with amazing service and wonderful food but also just a few steps away from the famous wine cellars Quinta de Pessegueiro and Quinta de Azevedo, tucked away inside the narrow streets of Ervedosa. In their 9th year of business this husband and wife team whip up mouthwatering regional dishes sourced daily. Lunch not included.  Portions are more than generous.

Tripadvisor Comments: Toca Da Raposa


Transfer to Wine and Soul Winery.

Arrival at Wine and Soul Winery.

Our Final winery today will be Wine and Soul where we will make a premium wine tasting and vineyard tour with stunning views perched just over River Tavora.

Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges husband and wife winemakers have built an incredible reputation in the 18 years they have been married. Sandra is a highly talented oenologist and winemaker who studied oenology in Milan in Italy, Jorge was born with wine in his veins and is the fifth generation of a family with more than a century of winemaking behind them.  This husband and wife team started with a small production wine called ‘Pintas’ (spots)  using their only single vineyard (at that time). This splendid red wine that derives from an ancient vines using the traditional Douro old vineyard of mixed planting that has as many as thirty varieties.  They then slowly introduced Pintas Character a more fruit driven version of Pintas and the white Guru, a single vineyard sourced from the high altitude vineyards.

5G Port Wine is their very old Tawny Port that comes as a blend of several very old Port wines some over a hundred years old. 10 years ago they inherited Quinta da Manoella, an ancient estate belonging to Jorges family, Costs prohibit us tasting this wine unfortunately.  Wine and Souls other estate at Quinta da Manoella produces their Vinhas Velhas (old vines) and has quickly became one of the best and most remarkable wines in the Douro.

Wine&Soul has embodied the spirit of the new wave of high quality and strong individuality Douro wines sourced from very old individual vineyards, low yields limited production wines that showcase the character of each particular vineyard, the very special nature of each unique terroir. Wines made with a minimal winemaking intervention giving way for nature and terroir to take the lead and speak for themselves.

Wines to be included in the Tasting:

  • Guru or Manoella Branco
  • Manoella Tinto
  • Pintas Character
  • Porto 10 Anos


Website: Wine and Soul


Private Transfer to your Hotels

Sleep at Hotel Pestana Porto / Room Category: Unknown


DAY 02: Sunday 6th October 2019: Wine Experience.
Porto /Douro Valley / Bairrada Valley / Porto/ Hotel Pestana Porto


Departure from Hotel Pestana Porto with Ryan

Private transfer to Bairrada

Arrival at Luís Pato Winery

This  world-renowned winery is making exceptional red wines emblematic to the region. We will visit the vineyards and their cellar, you’ll partake in a premium tasting of their wines. The Pato family has been producing wine at Quinta do Ribeirinho since the eighteen century. João Pato started to bottle the wine from his vineyards in 1970s when like so many others they realised their territories potential and the cooperatives were not pushing for quality but quantity, something you will hear a lot about in Portugal. João Pato in fact became the first winegrower in Bairrada region after its demarcation to bottle in the 1980’s with his son Luis bottling a 100% mono varietal ‘Baga’ with exceptional quality that brought massive interest into this Valley.

Luis is one of the most innovative and best known winemakers in Portugal and is also the Vice President of Wines of Portugal, he makes fantastic wine with a scientific approach impart due to his chemical engineering background. The wine here breaks the rules of traditional Portuguese wines such as non sulphar natural wines as well as a unique early harvest sweet wine. Luis works with Touria Nacional, Baga naturally for the reds and with the whites: Maria Gomez, Bical and the lesser known Cercial and Secialinho. The vineyards span 60 hectares of wines that tend towards sand or chalk with clay.

Wines to be included in the Tasting:

    • 2 Methos Classicos:
      • Espumante Maria Gomes
      • Espumante Informal
      • Espumante Pan
    • 2 Whites:
      • Vinhas Velhas
      • Vinha Formal
    • 3 Reds:
      • Vinhas Velhas ou Rebel
      • Vinha Pan ou Vinha Barrosa
      • Quinta do Moinho
    • 1 Dessert wine:
      • Abafado Molecular Red or White

Below is a lighthearted video about the traditional harvest in the Bairrada region from Luis Pato:


Website: Luis Pato



Lunch will be at this winery  (If we reach 8 Passengers) will be based around of the region’s iconic suckling pig paired with wines. Note: For those who don’t eat Pork or are less meat orientated, an alternative option can be arranged without issue.

On our return to Porto,  we will make a private a visit and and premium wine tasting at Campolargo.

This marvellous family-run winery by the brothers, Carlos and Jorge Campolargo the third generation of winemakers, With 60 years in the same family the grapes were initially  in bulk to other wineries as they gained their confidence they started bottling their own wines, Today, they are sold under this highly respected label, and made within their newly renovated winery that solely uses gravity. The winery has two estates at Quinta de S. Mateus and Quinta de Azar Valley, Soils tend to be predominantly sand-clay, with small zones of limestone. Varieties they work with include: Baga, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Pinot Noir, Bairrada Trindade (Periquita) and Cabernet Sauvignon are planted. The whites are: Bical, Arinto, Cerceal and Verdelho.

The winery is extremely well respected in Portugal  and over the years they have gained over 90 points for several of their wines in many of the major wine magazines.

Wines to be included in the Tasting:

  • Campolargo Verdelho
  • Campolargo Baga Vinho Tinto
  • Campolargo Pinot Noir Vinho Tinto
  • Campolargo Bical Vinho Branco

Website: Campolargo Vinhos


Private Transfer to your Hotels

Suggested Dinner Not Included a la Carte (Dinner transfers have not been included at this point)


A stunning restaurant with killer views over the Douro River with Chef  Rui Paula.  Located in Folgosa, Armamar.

Website: DOC Restaurant


Six Senses
The restaurant in the Spa Hotel of the same name, their focus is on Organic zero meter food.

Website: Six Senses


Sleep at Hotel Pestana Porto / Room Category: Unknown

(B) (L)

DAY 03: Monday 7th October 2019: Wine Experience.
Porto / Grahams Port / Guided tasting and dinner in Porto / Hotel Pestana Porto


Grahams Port Experience (Booked by yourselves) Note: We are happy to talk to them to ensure you are going to get visit and tasting you deserve.

Website: Grahams


You will meet Ryan at Grahams after the visit and transfer to Central Porto to a personal wine tasting  space, recently inaugurated. An artisanal tasting room located in the heart of historic Porto. Designed to be an open and dynamic space to explore flavour in all its forms. From what we have learnt about you all, your tastes and more importantly what you have tasted prior to getting to us in the previous days tours on the River Cruise we will decide on what type of wines and regions to concentrate on.

After the Tasting we will continue to Dinner with Ryan with pre-set dinner with wines (To be decided) at Prova.

is a total magnet for wine lovers, The Owner Diego Amado has become a player in the revival of Porto’s vibrant city center since he opened this chic narrow bar, the only wine bar in the area when he arrived in 2014, There will be plenty of Local dishes to soak up all the wines you will be trying with Diego.

Website: Prova

Private Transfer to your Hotels after Dinner.


Sleep at Hotel Pestana Porto / Room Category: Unknown

(B) (D)

DAY 04 : Tuesday 8th October 2019:
Departure OUT


Check out of Hotel Pestana Porto

Please note we have not at this time included Airport transfers in the Itinerary




Tim Robertson
Monday 13th June 2019

Please Note : If we only achieve 7 Passengers we may have to change one of the wineries.




Prices, Inclusions & Exclusions – Northern Portugal – Elizabeth Lutton and the Texas Wine Society


Price per person based on 6 Passengers participating                   880 Euros

Price per person based on 8 Passengers or more participating    840 Euros

(This Figure will drop were you to reach 12 Passengers)


Mercedes Sprinter with bottled water and Air-conditioning with Licensed and Fully Insured Driver

Expert Wine Guide throughout

Full Day Private Driver in the Douro and Bairrada Valleys with hotel transfers included

Half Day Private Driver in Porto with Hotel transfers included

2 Premium and exclusive visits and wine tastings in the Douro Valley

2 Premium and exclusive visits and wine tasting in the Bairrada Valley

Premium Wine Tasting (looking at Portugals other wine regions)

Dinner with wines in Porto including Transfer back to your respective Hotels

Please note: Elizabeth we will need 8 Passengers for us to be able to make the lunch experience at Luis Pato winery which would of course be a wonderful opportunity.


Gratuities for Driver and Guide (100% discretionary )

Airport Transfers

Personal expenses

Any activities not mentioned in the Itinerary

Dinner transfers on Day 1 or 2.


NOTE: Please note these Prices are now based on the Idea that you will Pay our Portuguese Partner Directly thus enabling us to to save taxes and extra Bank transfer costs.

If Each client prefers to pay RWT by Credit Card directly then a further 8% should be added to the final costs Per Person.

Px 6 Passengers 900 Euros
8 Passengers      900 Euros


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