Here, we will give you some light information on Naples & Amalfi Coast. We will also give you an overview of some of the accommodations that we recommend in these areas.


If we think of Naples what comes to mind? Chaos, liberty, pizza, which was invented in Naples, Pompeii and everywhere you look the Vesuvius is there. Naples, like Rio De Janeiro, has a God given setting. Close by there are islands that convey style (Capri), monasteries isolated on rocks you can only reach when the tide is out (Ishcia) and incredible fango (mud) baths. In Ravello you can walk the famed path of the Gods.

Let’s face it, this is a massively rich area for things to see and do and we have not even begun to discuss the wine yet. Just 45 minutes away from this is Avellino, pretty much the centre of wine making in this region.

Fanning out from Avellino are some of the most interesting named and outstanding white wines of Italy and not only that as far as the reds (rosso) are concerned, you are going to find the mythical barolo of the south the Aglianico in its many forms none more famous than Taurasi. How long do you need? We think 2 to 3 nights, if you are combining this area with another region of Italy. If you want to just concentrate on this zone, then there is enough here to enjoy to easily spend 7 to 10 days.

When to come? All year round except August.

Where to stay? Well, we have just three hotels on this list as they tend to be the favourites, but we work with many many hotels be it on Capri, Ravello or Sorrento. Remember that travelling into the wine regions of Campania is actually quicker from Naples than anywhere else. We have yet to find a hotel in the wine zones, which means you need to add in 2-hour journey daily to get to and from the interesting vineyards. We do have a day out close to Ravello with three superb wineries, but if you are looking for the real Aglianico or Fiano, then you need to move inland a little.

Driving. Do not self drive in Naples or Amalfi Coast, it will not do anything for your stress levels. Let us look after that!

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Grand Hotel Parker’s: Naples. Campania

Arriving in through the attractive Liberty façade – all is quiet, calm and supremely elegant. In Naples this is a real oasis that is needed. Gilt, marble, fine fabrics and antiques give the lobby and its spacious adjacent sitting areas a real sense of luxury. Parker has 83 bedrooms and suites and each floor of bedrooms is decorated in its own style from France. Former guests, include Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and Mr Lenin. Eating at Parker’s is done on the sixth floor, in George’s restaurant and breakfast on the terrace with panorama spread out over palm trees and the island of Capri in the distance. The location at the top of one of Naples many hills makes for stunning views but also means moving around is a little more complicated than if you were down in the centre, but we feel these views and the tranquility up here are more than worth it.

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Hotel: Amalfi Vacation Residence, Amalfi Coast. Campania