Start Date:  Saturday, 22nd October 2016 for 7 Nights with the option to extend into Venice.



There are not many companies in the world that do what we do, but when it comes to Friuli, we know we are on our own.

Why? Well, firstly wine wise we have so many enthralling places in Italy and Friuli just seems to get forgotten. This is brilliant news, of course. There are no tour buses outside wineries, as they do not want that and they are very individualistic people. History and location means they have had empire after empire rolling across them: this little piece of Italy is like no other. The pioneering and spirited people are Friulian first and Italian second. So what do we have in store for you? Anyone who knows us knows you are going to get the whole picture and a lot of that swirling it around your tongues. If Piedmont is Italy's Black King, Friuli is the White King. Personally, we drink more white wine than red, but perhaps that is because Robertson Wine Tours is based in South Italy where our fish is stupidly good and the fish here is brilliant too.

We are showing 7 Nights in Fruilian & Slovenian wine. We will even give you an overview of Croatia's Istrian wines in a tasting. We would like a group of 8 to 12 guests ideally, as this is the size that has proven to work. It is wine, food, history, expert guides, cooking experiences, always with an eye on authenticity, working with good people who have a passion for what we are there to learn about. The province of Gorizia is located in the South East of Friuli Venezia-Giulia. It is the heart of Friulian winemaking, spit in half by borders (now totally open). This is why we will be in Italy for breakfast, Slovenia for lunch and having wines with dinner in Croatia, if we so wished. If you have not had the pleasure to know what wine from Friuli is, you will soon get to understand how important these wines are and this is the centre of it all. We have not even ushered in that holy word yet: orange wine. In New York or London, these wines are going for silly money. Thankfully, here things are more approachable, but they are the most deservedly expensive.

It is not all white. Taste Merlot, Refosco and Pinot Noir from vines that have not been bathed in sun for 8 months of the year.

Food ... well, it is Italy. Most people here make their own salami, hams and much more besides. We have fish, fresh water and sea, coast and mountain food all rolled into one. No public relations or linguistic hosts, this is as real as it gets and let's do this before the rest.

Let's Talk About Trieste

Kicking off in Trieste, once centre of the Hausberg Empire's grip on the current North Eastern Italy, Trieste is a very easy small city and far too easy to like. Miramare Castle tops the bay. Located between the Adriatic and Slovenia, Trieste is Italy yet not. They call it MittelEurope or Central Europe. Trieste's culture has been profoundly influenced by Eastern and German cultures, as well as Italian. Trieste's history is all about this geography and what has made it a cultural bridge between the German and Slavic peoples. The most romantic of places, Hausburg squares and Austrian coffee houses (Illy is here) rub shoulders with pizzas and Italian effortless style: this a place like no other.

Travel writers like Jan Morris left their hearts here and Joyce wrote his masterpiece, Ulysses. Trieste has not yet become massively popular as a tourist destination. All the places and people you are going to encounter are  genuine. Trieste is a visual treat with Neoclassical and New Liberty buildings. Ports always have a special character, but Trieste has none of the down at heal, working dock feel.  The port of Trieste, a free port since 1719, means luxury yachts and charters are big business here. The Carso, in the hills behind Trieste, is fascinating and we will be tasting wines and seeing this magic landscape of white limestone, underground world of caves carved by rivers like the underground Timavo.


Please see hotels description below.

We propose 3 Nights in the Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste and then 4 Nights in Gorizia in the vineyards of Paraschos Winery.

Paraschos Vineyard Stay

For those who can give up the softest and fluffiest of white towels and grandeur of the Savioa Excelsior Palace, then we have settled for the sweetest little place close to Gorizia. The Parachos Family are intruders, not recent, but they came from Greece and they make great wine. They have a lovely agrotourism, which is really a vineyard stay. Alexis, the older son, is so proud of his soil, vines and wines. His neighbours adopted his father wine wise years back and all the great names helped them establish and grow. This is an agrotoursim and a very good one at that, but there is a disconnect between the level of the two stays, however. There is no other lodge anywhere apart from Parachos, who we trust with you. As this is going to be an activity based tour, we see no problem with this.

The Tour

You will see the tour outline below. We will naturally go into more details once you express interest in the tour. We choose and work with the best people, lovely restaurants, the humbly world famous and the interesting. Come and join us on this unique wine and food magical mystery tour.

Trip Extension

We have mapped out what we know to be the three perfect nights in Venice. If you have the time and the compulsion, come to Venice with us. We have Venitian friends, artists, wine experts, food and wine, as well as a day out into the real hills of Prosecco. You will never have tasted bubbles like these. We realize that is such an overused the word "insiders", but we really are. For instance, Tim Robertson sold some of Tosso's massive exuberant glass designs directly from Murano to London in the 90's. We have also investigated Prosecco and discovered of the 420 million bottles of Prosecco produced per annum, only 120,000 are the real thing.

If you have been to Venice, you may think you do not need to go back. Have you stayed in the Dorsoduro District? Made a Giro delle Ombre in the Bacari of Venice? Tasted the food of Le Calandre? There are so many Venices to see. For those who do expect something delightful.

These small fixed departures dates get booked quickly and this particular extension falls on a holiday in Italy so if Venice is of interest, then better to move quickly before the prices start creeping up.

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