Etna Wine & Gastronomic Experiences

Robertson Wine Tours have been providing the very best in Wine and Culinary Tourism for over 16 years. The tours that RWT design are not average wine tours: we offer our clients a fascinating experience to climb and enjoy Etna through her wine and foods. We have the ear and confidence of serious winemakers and winery owners. We are going to get you right up and personal with the wines, the people and, of course, with the amazing food and scenery of Etna. We even Represent a winery on Etna and promote their wines Globally. We have trusted shipping agents who can get you the wine hassle free.

These are superb immersions and are designed to transmit a passion for wine that is infectious. Even if we only have you for a day or so, our expert wine guide is not only going to take you out on a great wine adventure, but you are going to have all your senses engaged and expanded. If you are just beginning your wine journey, do not be shy, our company's idea is to give all our clients ways to make wine easier and more approachable for one and all.

Here are the wineries we tend to work with

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Wine and Gastronomic Tours of Etna

Due to high level of demand and the amount of planning these tours imply, please book ahead of your arrival. Organising these experiences one day to the next could restrict our ability to offer you something really special.

Note that all services are offered in private. Naturally the larger the group the prices decrease dramatically.

Single travellers. We appreciate that travelling alone can get expensive, we will always do our best to come up with something for you.

Wine Collectors

Visits and Premium Tastings at 3 Etna Wineries with Gourmet Lunch of Seasonal Sicilian Dishes.

Private Transport with Driver & Air Conditioning
World Wine Expert and Bilingual Guiding
Gourmet Lunch with Premium Wines
Entrance Fee & Wine Tasting at 3 Wineries

Starts from €280/person
Minimum PAX: 2

Wine Lovers

Visits and tastings at 2 Wineries with Lunch of Seasonal Sicilian Dishes.

Private Transport with Driver & Air Conditioning
Expert Bilingual wine Guiding
Lunch with Wines
Entrance Fee & Wine Tasting at 2 Wineries

Starts at €190/person
Minimum PAX: 2

Independent Travellers

Designed for travellers who like to do as much for themselves or for those who want a private wine experience arranged by us at the wineries, with lunch included. Note: Without the presence of our wine expert or transport.

Lunch with Wines
Entrance Fee & Wine Tasting at 2 Wineries
Special assistance during the day via Cell phone
Gifted Bottle of Wine

Starts at €120/ person


Short Sicilian Wine Overview

The most exciting wine region in Italy. The largest, most interesting and beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea. Colonized by Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Normans and finally by Garibaldi bringing it into unified Italy in 1860. No country this size has had more influences to bear on it than Sicily. These influences are so pronounced today in the food, the people and the fascinating mix of incredible sights all bound within this 1000 miles of beautiful coastline.

If you ask the average wine buff about Sicilian wine, they will probably not know too much aside from Nero d’Avola and great priced reds. Well, we can happily tell you that Sicilian wine is outstanding and we cannot wait to share this great island’s charms with you. The Etna wine region, for Robertson Wine Tours, is without the most exciting wine region in Sicily and Italy. Like anything that’s amazing, people are catching on and it is starting to lose its innocence and charm quickly, tastings costs have increased since we started here 8 years ago.   It seems impossible to think that at the turn of the century there were 50,000 Hectares 123,000 Acres planted just on Etna, today its 7,000 Hectares and  honestly growing daily.

Many important wineries will have vineyards dotted all over the region but actually only vinify in one central winery. The father of new Italian winemaking, Giacomo Tachis (Sassicaia, Solaia, to name a few just a few), has frequently said there is nowhere better for complex aromas to be achieved in white and red wines than in Sicily.

Mount Etna is Europe’s tallest active volcano at 10,930 feet (3330 metres). Wines from Etna are mineral-rich, but like nothing you have ever tasted. Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio are the red wine varieties of Mount Etna. Sicilian autochthonous (indigenous) grape varieties tend to be for white the Catarratto, the Grillo and the Inzolia. Marsala is made from the Muscat of Alexandria and the wines from Island of Pantelleria come from the Zibibbo, the Sicilian name for the Moscato. Nero d’Avola, a hugely important red variety, is planted extensively and when blended with Frappato you have Sicily’s only DOCG wine … the Cerasuolo di Vittoria. 23 different DOC’s are enough to keep us very interested. International varieties are planted none more so than Syrah, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Visits to the wineries in Sicily are always exciting, interesting, personal and as Enotourism is still in its infancy, this gives us still a very much an advantage, but come quick. It is important to remember we prefer to choice small and natural winemakers as opposed to the large producers/names.