Chile is literally a heaven for winemakers, as it boasts such a diverse range of terroirs due to the incredible length of the country (4,300 kms). Coastal influences have been a massive benefit, allowing wineries to dry farm and to keep the use of chemical treatments in the vineyards to a minimum due to the ever present cooker sea breezes coming from the Antarctic with the Humboldt Current. We must also consider that at the end of the day at its widest part Chile is only 150 kms wide, with The Andes in the east providing protection and another source of soils and water for the vines.

The vine first came to Chile in the mid of 16th Century. The vines were called pais and were introduced by those wine loving church missionaries. The first real boom began in the 19th Century, when south of Santiago the synonymous names associated with the wine from Chile were established: Concha y Toro, Cousiño Macul and Santa Rita. It is important to remember that Chile since the 20th Century has been an export driven market, as high as 95% in the early 1980's. Now, this figure is said to be closer to 80%. Argentina, interestingly enough, has been the opposite of that with most wines consumed domestically, giving you two completely different set ups.

In Chile today, large industrial size wineries predominate. These wineries have vineyards in such diverse regions with latitude ranging from 26 to 40, giving local winemakers a massive range of fruits to work with. Returning to Chile being a winemakers' paradise, it has attracted such young winemaking talents from all over the world, none more so than the sons and daughters of French wineries' owners. A new reality of natural and terroir driven wines have also exploded. It is no longer necessary to visit Napa-eqsue experiences in cathedrals to wine, which, however technically correct, is just more of the same over-extracted and barrelled new world wine.

We are loving the independent winemakers associations of Chile, the brilliant wines coming from old vines of Carignan in the south, biodynamics has been properly and seriously adopted here. Although, the great French varieties predominate: Cabernet Sauvignon followed by Merlot, Carmenere, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Syrah. There are unquestionably unique wines coming from all parts of Chile that are not just new world copies. Did you know Chile thankfully never succumbed to phylloxera and there was no forced uprooting of 100 years of vines (European Market in the 80's)? This makes for some outstanding old vineyard treasures, particularity Carmenere. Whites are the ones too watch from the central Casablanca and surrounding regions with cool climate growing conditions. Sauvignon Blanc has been the star with Chardonnay being planted with massive success in the central and the most southerly regions (such as BioBio).

Chile and Argentina share the longest border imaginable, but these are two totally different: people, wines, foods and cultures. Let us show you this richness on a tour that takes you to both sides of these incredible countries.

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Wineries in Aconcagua Valley, Chile

Errazuriz Winery
Winemaker: Francisco Baettig
Hectares: 970
Annual production: 700,000 cases
Wines: Don Maximiano Founder’s ReserveKAILa Cumbre

Flaherty Winery
Winemaker: Ed Flaherty
Hectares: 14
Annual production: 872 cases
Wines: Flaherty Red Wine Blend

San Esteban Winery
Winemaker: Horacio Vicente
Hectares: 150
Annual production: 300,000 cases
Wines: Río Alto Wines, Viña San Esteban Wines, In Situ Wines

Von Siebenthal Winery
Winemaker: Mauro von Siebenthal
Hectares: 25
Annual production: 150,000 cases
Wines: Riomistico Viognier, Parcela, Carmenère, Carabantes, MontelìgToknar, Tatay de Cristòbal

Wineries in Maipo Valley, Chile

Antiyal Winery
Winemaker: Alvaro Espinoza
Annual production: 1,500 cases
Hectares: 8
Wines: Pura Fe Wines, Antiyal Wines, Kuyen

Aquitania Winery
Winemaker: Felipe de Solminihac and Bruno Prats
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 18
Wines: Aquintania Reserva Wines, Premium Sol de Sol Wines, Lazuli

Chocalan Winery
Winemaker: Sebastien Allingri
Annual production: 45,000 cases
Hectares: 105
Wines: Chocolan Wines, Malvilla Wines

Cousiño Macul Winery
Winemaker: Pascal Marty and Gabriel Mustakis
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: unknown
Wines: Lota, Finnis Terrae Wines, Antiguas Reservas Wines, Don Matías Wines, Don Luis Wines, Isidora Wines

De Martino Winery
Winemaker: Marcelo Retamal and Eduardo Jordán
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 300
Wines: De Martino Wines, Single Vineyard Wines

Odfjell Winery
Winemaker: Marcela Garate and Arnaud Hereu
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 85
Wines: Armador Wines, Capitulo, Orzada Wines, Blend Wines, Aliara, Odfjell

Perez Cruz Winery
Winemaker: Germán Lyon Larrain
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 270
Wines: Quelen, Liguai, Pircas de Liguai, Chaski, Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Santa Rita Winery
Winemaker: Andrés Ilabaca Andonie, Cecilia Torres Salinas and Carlos Gatica
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 4962
Wines: Casa Real, Bougainville, Pehuen, Triple C, Floresta Wines, Casa Real, Medalla Real Wines Gran Reserva

Wineries in Casablanca Valley, Chile

Attilio & Mochi Winery
Winemaker: Marcos Attilio and Angela Mochi
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 5.5
Wines: Tunquen Wines, Sucre Wines

Catrala Winery
Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 500
Wines: Souvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir

Emiliana Winery
Winemaker: unknown
Annual production: 580,000 cases
Hectares: over 800
Wines: , Coyam, Signos de Origen Wines, Sparkling Wine, Novas Wines, Adobe Wines, Late Harvest

Kingston Family Winery
Winemaker: Evelyn Vidal & Byron Kosuge
Annual production: 5,000 cases
Hectares: 345
Wines: Bayo Oscuro SyrahSabino ChardonnayTobiano Pinot NoirAlazan Pinot NoirCJ’s Barrel WinesCariblanco Sauvignon BlancLucero Syrah

Loma Larga Winery
Winemaker: Cédric Nicolle
Annual production: 25,000 cases
Hectares: 711
Wines: Loma Larga Wines, Lomas de Valles Wines

Matetic Winery
Winemaker: Paula Cárdenas
Annual production: 35,000 cases
Hectares: 9,000
Wines: EQ Wines, Corralillo Wines

Morandé Winery
Winemaker: Ricardo Baettig
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 50
Wines: Pionero Wines, Reserva Wines, Gran Reserva Wines, Edición Limitida Wines, Edición Limitida Black Wines, Late Harvest Wine, Sparkling Wines & Others

RE Winery
Winemaker: Don Melchor and Pablo Morande
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 200
Wines: Renoir Nature, RE Pinotel, RE Chardonnoir, RE Nace, RE Syragnan, RA Syranoir, RE Velado, RE Cabergnan

Tinta Tinto Winery
Winemaker: Roberto Carrancá and Javiera Fuentes
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: unknown
Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

Wineries in San Antonio Valley, Chile

Amayna Winery
Winemaker: Jean Michel Novelle, Diego Rivera N. and Francisco José Ponce Sanhueza
Annual production: 6,250 cases
Hectares: 190
Wines: Amayna Wines, Boya Wines

Balduzzi Winery
Winemaker: Victor Vargas
Annual production: 50,000 cases
Hectares: 70
Wines: Varietal Wines, Reserva Wines, Late Harvest WinesGrand Reserve, Ultra Premium

Casa Marin Winery
Winemaker: María Luz Marín,
Annual production: 15,000 cases
Hectares: 50
Wines: Casa Marín Wines, Viñedos lo Abarca, Cartagena

Matetic Winery
Winemaker: Paula Cárdenas
Annual production: 35,000 cases
Hectares: 9,000
Wines: EQ Wines, Corralillo Wines

Wineries in Cachapoal Valley, Chile

Altair Winery
Winemaker: Ana Maria Cumsille
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 126
Wines: Altair Wines, Sideral Wines

Anakena Winery
Winemaker: Felipe Ibáñez and Jorge Gutiérrez
Annual production: 400,000 cases
Hectares: 145 in Alto Cachapoal, 125 in Leyda, 43 in Peumo
Wines: Alwa Wines, Ona Wines, Tama Wines, Enco Wines, Varietals Wines, Birdman Wines

Casa Silva Winery
Winemaker: Mario Geisse and Jose Ignacio Maturana
Annual production: 1,700,000 cases
Hecares: 1000 spead over Angostura, Los Lingues, Lolol and Paredones
Wines: Doña Dominga Wines, Casa Silva Wines, Cool Coast Wines, Lago Ranco Wines, Quinta Generación Wines, Microterroir Wines, Altura Wines, Espumantes Wines 

Wineries in Colchagua Valley, Chile

Estampa Winery
Winemaker: González Pagola family
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 134
Wines: Lacruz, Gold, Fina Reserva Wines, Delviento

Lapostolle Winery
Winemaker: Paolo Munoz
Annual production: 200,000 cases
Hectares: 370
Wines: Casa, Le Rosé, Canto de Apalta, Cuvée Alexandre, Borobo, Clos Apalta

Laura Hartwig Winery
Winemaker: Renato Czischke
Annual production: 225,000 cases
Hectares: 80
Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenérè, Merlot-Petit VerdotPetit VerdotMalbec

Montes Winery
Winemaker: Aurelio Montes
Annual production: 350,000 cases
Hectares: 135
Wines: Montes Alpha M, Montes Folly, Purple Angel

MontGras Winery
Winemaker: Santiago Margozzini
Annual production: 280,000 cases
Hectares: 900
Wines: Ninquen, Antu Wines, Quatro, Reserva Wines, Varietal Wines, Pink Sin

Neyen Winery
Winemaker: Rodrigo Soto
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 740
Wines: Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon

Viu Manent Winery
Winemaker: Patricio Celedón
Annual production: 230,000 cases
Hectares: 254
Wines: Viu 1, El Incidente, Vibo, Viu Manent Wines

Wineries in Lolol, Maule & Millahue Valley, Chile

Lolol Valley:
Hacienda Araucano Winery

Winemaker: Luca Hodgkinson
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 30
Wines: AlkaGran Araucano Cabernet SauvignonClos de LololGran Cuvée Pinot NoirEdicion Limitada WinesHacienda Araucano Reserva Wines

Maule Valley:
Erasmo Winery
Winemaker: Francesco Marone Cinzano
Annual production: 30,000
Hectares: 50
Wines: Erasmo, Torontel

Gillmore Winery
Winemaker: Andres Sanchez
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 54
Wines: Hacedor de Mundos Winess, Cobre Wines, Mariposa Wines

Millahue Valley:
VIK Winery

Winemaker: Patrick Valette and Cristián Callejo
Annual production: unknown
Hectares: 400
Wines: VIK Wines

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