You are going to be spoilt for food while you are with us in Chile and no more so than in Santiago. We feel that while you are Chile you should really enjoy the abundant and fresh seafood. Due to the proximity to Peru means that fusion with Peruvian twist (Think Nobu) you can never go wrong.

Below are in our opinion some of the best. Things do change, we know that, but we stand by these restaurants and most of them are very established. If you have been recommended or know of another restaurant and you would like our opinion, we will certainly be happy to help. Service standards in Chile are really not as high as they should be. If, like us, you feel service is critical part of the meal then never feel afraid to ask for the manager/head waiter for assistance. This can often improve things dramatically in these days of transparency and TripAdvisor.

If your restaurant of choice is not in walking distance we ask you to call a cab/taxi/remis from the hotels concierge (not the hotel’s own cars, which in our mind are silly money). When requesting the bill, please ask the restaurant to call you a taxi and give your hotel name.

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Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Bocanariz Wine Bar
Address: Avenue Jose Victorino Lastarria 276 | Santiago Historico, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 638 9893
Type of food: Sea food, Mediterranean, Wine Bar, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Everyday from 13:00PM – 23:30PM
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Address: Avda. Nueva Costanera 3467, Vitacura, Santiago 7530078, Chile
Telephone: + 562 953 8893
Type of food: Chilean, South American
Open hours: Monday to Wednesday, 19:30PM – 23:15PM, Thursday to Saturday, 19:30PM – 23:45PM
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Casa Lastarria
Address: Jose Victorino Lastarria 70 Local 1, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2638 3236
Type of food: Chilean, South American
Open hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 11:00AM – 1:00AM, Thursday to Saturday from 11:00AM to 3:00AM
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Address: Avenida Isidora Goyenechea 3000 | Local S101, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2245 1958
Type of food: Chilean, South American, International
Open hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30AM – 23:00PM, Saturday and holidays from 9:30AM – 23:00PM, Sunday from 9:30AM – 20:00PM
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El Galeon
Address: Ismael Valdes Vergara 956, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2696 4258
Type of food: Sea food, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Everyday from 10:00AM to 21:30PM
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El Meson Nerudiano
Address: Dominica 35 | Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2737 0217
Type of food: Sea food, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:30PM – 16:00PM and from 19:00PM – 01:00AM
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La Mar
Address: Avenida Nueva Costanera 4076 | Vitacura, Santiago 3922, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2206 7839
Type of food: Sea food, South American
Open hours: Everyday from 13:00PM – 16:00PM and 20:00PM – 12:00AM, Sundays only lunch
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Address: Constitucion 125 | Barrio Bellavista, Santiago 7520360, Chile
Telephone: + 569 4243 8490
Type of food: Sea food, Chilean
Open hours: Tuesday to Friday from 13:00PM – 01:00AM, Saturday 13:ooPM – 02:00AM, Sunday 13:00PM – 18:00PM
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Nolita Isidora
Address: Avenida Isidora Goyenechea 3456, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: + 562 2232 6114
Type of food: Italian, Mediterranean, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Lunch: Monday to Friday from 12:30PM – 15:30PM. Dinner: Monday through Thursday from 19:00PM – 22:30PM. Friday and Saturday from 19:00PM – 23:30PM
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Address: Constitución 136, Providencia Santiago – Chile
Telephone: Reservations via website
Type of food: International, South American, Chilean
Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00PM – 12:00AM. Sunday from 13:00PM – 16:00PM
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Puerto Fuy
Address: Nueva Costanera 3969 Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
Telephone: 02 2208 8908 / 02 2208 3451
Type of food: Sea food, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:30PM – 15:00PM and 19:30PM – 22:00PM
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Restaurants in Valparaiso, Chile

Address: Montealegre 149 | Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso 8340518, Chile
Telephone: + 56 32 212 2944
Type of food: International
Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday 13:30PM – 15:30PM and from 20:30PM to 22:30PM, Sunday from 13:00PM to 15:00PM
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Address: Almirante Montt 462 Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso Quinta Region, Chile
Telephone: +56 9 5708 9737
Type of food: Chilean, South American
Open hours: Friday and Saturday dinner from 20:00PM – 22:00PM and Saturday and Sunday lunch from 14:00PM – 16:00PM
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La Concepcion
Address: Calle Papudo 541, Valparaiso, Chile
Telephone: +56 32 249 8192
Type of food: Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 12:30PM – 22:30PM, Friday and Saturday from 12:30PM – 23: 00PM, Sunday from 12:30PM – 22:00PM
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Address: Calle Higuera 133 | Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso, Chile
Telephone: +56 32 249 7900
Type of food: Contemporary, Seafood
Open hours: –
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Pasta e Vino 
Address: Calle Papudo 427, Valparaiso, Chile
Telephone: +56 32 496187
Type of food: Italian
Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00PM – 15:30PM and from 19:00PM – 23:00PM, Sunday only open for lunch
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Restaurants in Cachapoal- & Colchagua- Valley, Chile

Cachapoal Valley

Entre Rios
Address: Ruta 5 Sur km 110, Rengo, Chile
Telephone: +56 72 297 7170
Type of food: Chilean, fusion with other cuisines
Open hours: Monday to Wednesday from 12:00PM to 17:00PM, Thursday to Saturday from 12:00PM to 12:00AM, Sunday from 12:00PM to 18:00PM
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Colchagua Valley

Bistro Alfredo (Montes Winery)
Address: Parcela 15, Millahue de Apalta | Vina Montes, Santa Cruz, Chile
Telephone: 722817815
Type of food: Chilean, Wine bar, International
Open hours: –
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Etiqueta Negra
Address: Camino Los Boldos S/N, Santa Cruz, Chile
Telephone: +569 8508 9091
Type of food: Chilean, Mediterranean, Contemporary
Open hours: –
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La Casita de Barreales
Address: Rafael Casanova 570 | Vina La Posada, Santa Cruz 3130000., Chile
Telephone: (072) 82 44 68
Type of food: Peruvian, South American
Open hours: –
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Address: Rafael Casanova 572 | Valle de Colchagua, Santa Cruz 3130909, Chile
Telephone: +56 9 7264 3554
Type of food: Chilean, South American
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00PM – 12:45AM
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Vino Bello
Address: Calle Barreales s/n | Colchagua, Santa Cruz 3130000, Chile
Telephone: +567 2282 2755
Type of food: Italian, Mediterranean
Open hours: Everyday from 12:30PM – 15:30PM and Monday to Saturday from 19:30PM – 22:30PM
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Restaurants in Maipo-, Casablanca- & San Antonio- Valley, Chile

Maipo Valley

Doña Paula (Santa Rita Winery) 
Address: Vina Santa Rita | Camino Padre Hurtado 0695, Alto Jahuel, Chile
Telephone: 8219966
Type of food: Chilean, Wine bar
Open hours: –
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Casablanca & San Antonio Valley

El Sauce
Address: Camino Lo Abarca | Lo Abarca – Lo Abarca, Cartagena, Valparaiso, Chile, Valparaiso, Chile
Telephone: 5635437206
Type of food: Barbecue, Chilean, South American
Open hours: –
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Equilibrio (Matetic Winery)
Address: Matetic Vineyards | Fundo Rosario S/N, Casablanca, Chile
Telephone: +56 9 8920 2066
Type of food: Wine bar, Chilean, South American
Open hours: Everyday from 12:00PM to 16:30PM
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Address: Ruta 68, km. 61, Casablanca, Chile
Telephone: +56 32 275 4701
Type of food: Wine bar, Contemporary
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00AM to 16:00PM
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Address: Av. Portales 1685, Casablanca, Chile
Telephone: (32)274-1453
Type of food: Chilean, South American
Open hours: –
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